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A high-quality medium will give you the movement and longer drying time of thinned paint, but without losing any depth of color or hold. I love all the helpful info you provide, Thank you so much. Use in interior or exterior latex or water-based paints and primers. Simply put, it plays nicely with other products, making it very versatile. Hello, I am new to pour painting. Also I am not sure if floetrol its a kind of glue or oil. You won’t have to worry about colors separating or the finished piece drying to look different than the fresh, wet pour. If you want to use Elmers Glue, you need the Glue All version here. Si compra nuestro libro electrónico, le enviaré la versión en español. But yours worked like a charm. To keep from ruining my background with smudges etc, or corrections, I used Krylong clear matte finish to spray the canvas after painting background, colored speckled or whatever, then it would repel water and it makes for easy clean up, my paint always stuck to it, and it drys really fast, of course that is the regular krylon and not meant for outdoors as it will cloud over. I like a couple of products. My first pour post-MMSSDR (Mickey Mouse ….) Those don’t make cells by themselves. Flow improvement also helps the paint adhere to canvas more readily. What about crazing and cracking? Acrylic Pouring for Beginners (Start Here), How to do Your First Acrylic Pour – Step By Step Guide. Or should I throw the mixture out? I found that adding a tiny bit of water (preferably distilled but I used … Floetrol is a latex paint additive, made by Flood, a wood finish company, to improve the flow and leveling of water-based paints. Bought some new canvas that are triple primed. You could try something I used to do after painting the background which I would then put a tracing on to Tole Paint something onto the background. No additional dry time is needed when used on bare ... Coverage The optimal application temperature is … I use floetrol and Elmer’s glue along with silicone and dimethocone. The more Floetrol you add to the mixture (glaze) the more open time you will have and the more translucent the finish will be. Do you think it is an issue with the canvas or do I need to put multiple coats on before I do the pour? If you use the Liquitex basics or even another brand like this Hobby Lobby one, you may find the paint to be a bit thick even after mixing with the floetrol. If you prefer a shallow profile, perhaps a thin wooden panel would work for you – no warping. Confused about which flood floetrol to get they all have same numbers and added different at the end. I will say that I have to open windows in my studio while working with any type of medium or I get very dizzy and lightheaded. The amount depends on the consistency and flow properties of the paint. I’ve been using a different variety of Floetrol, and wonder if that’s the reason why my ‘pours’ haven’t been working very well. Also Ampersand sells really nice 12 x 12 frames the look nice on the 12 x 12’s. What Is GAC 800? All Rights Reserved. Silicone (a few drops) You might also like the slightly different effects you can get with this hair serum containing dimethicone. I am new to this and realised decoart is not very thick ..but a bit liquify.. a reply would b appreciated.thanks. For one thing, because it’s manufactured for large-scale use, it tends to be much less expensive than additives that are specifically formulated for crafters and artists. Use only with water-borne and latex paints: Acrylics, Enamels, Sealers, and Primers. Yes they are all the same. I am a beginner leaving in Brazil and I can’t find floetrol here. FLOETROL. It doesn’t change the color or finish characteristics. Improves flow to reduce brush and roller marks. I am having so much fun but haven’t yet found a good sealant for tiles (I hesitate to use resin because I don’t have an outdoor space), We did put out a blog post on this topic: If you are looking … All-purpose Thank you, Senior citizen new to pour painting, disliked art in HS, could not draw a straight line,failed the course. 1 part floetrol, 1 part paint, 1 part water. Also, do you use this same paint mixture as your ‘base’ coat that you put onto the canvas first? Using Floetrol in your acrylic paint pouring helps to create beautiful strong ‘cells’ and allows for paint to move easier on the canvas. It makes latex paints, primers, stains, and textured coatings flow more smoothly. Thank you Deb……I love the exciting unknown aspect of pouring…..eact one is different……can’t wait to begin…..have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year…….????? Mar. I suggest investing in treadmill lubricant instead. Join us to connect with fellow pourers, get beginners tips, giveaways and more. A close up of cells in a painting using Floetrol You can add as much or as little Floetrol as you like to your paint. Why work with Floetrol in particular? Here’s a sample recipe to try, courtesy of Danny Clark’s awesome YouTube channel: Floetrol (2 parts) If you have questions, we have answers! 4.3 out of 5 stars 127. Go to Home Depot or Lowes and get the person to cut thin wallboard to size. Since I was, in an instant, stricken from ever participating in my high-energy/impact activities to severely reduced and generally indoor activities, THIS has given me more headaches than knapping!! Mix the water with the paint thoroughly with a clean stick to stir it. May I ask what you would do if you’ve forgotten how much floetrol you’ve mixed with white paint. Please kindly comment. Thanks for the recipes, too! First one of mine needs a bit of tweaking because I used a really small board, but that is only a question of cutting down amounts for that size. Supplies I Used: I found that if you use 2 coats of primer even on “preprimed” canvas it works way better and doesn’t look weird like that, what kind of primer would I use I don’t like the look if any of the many canvases I have purchased so wopuld like to cxover’. Very disappointing and I’m not entirely sure what caused it. Is the pour order more important then, than the amount of silicone? 1 part floetrol, 1 part paint, 1 part glue. But I do it every day 2-4 hours, may need to cut back just a little!! Add, approximately 4 ounces of paint Easy to each quart of paint while stirring or boxing. Floetrol can reduce the sheen of the paint slightly. Little better quality. Watch this tutorial and find out using the flip cup technique in this fluid acrylic painting tutorial. Floetrol is a paint additive, and it depends on how you want to use it. Thank you, Distilled water (1 part; hard water and tap water with mineral content will act differently and change the way paint floats, so stick with distilled!) was light-years past the previous. There are a lot of different options for medium alternative, some are more household some are a little bit more artsy, but everything in this video is a quality cheaper alternative.But let’s see how everything stacks up when the paint gets flowing. NOW, here it is, someone THANK YOU clearly distinguishes “PM (pouring mixture)” as having LIQUITEX but that other mysterious and missing element, FLOETROL from my ACE hardware dude!!! The I did not notice a difference with the satin finish paint, but it is probably more noticeable with gloss. The treadmill belt lubricant is a firm favorite with most painters, but you can use any of the oil based products we have in the store here. Best Alternative Pouring Mediums Part One. That’s why we don’t recommend using more than a little water in your mixes (if any). 4.7 out of 5 stars 450. Clear Latex Paint Additive to improve the performance of latex and acrylic paints and reduce the appearance of brush marks. Just enjoy the, Hello, The longer your paints take to dry, the more you can tweak and finesse your pours! Thanks, Hai can anyone guide me the pour recipe by using decoart paints which are in the small containers. Still, we think Floetrol is the best all-around medium on the market. Floetrol can be used with a number of products and most commonly semi-gloss latex, enamel paints, Acrylic, or Vinyls. What is a paint chip card? You can get it in the UK here. When you lift the wooden stick out of the pouring mix, the paint should have a runny consistency. If so, how long can you save them? Inhibits rust on metal surfaces. Any idea how it would call here or what I could use instead. Thanks again, Floetrol is a medium. Hope this helps. Its more about their density and how you layer them in the cup, as you mention. “Respirators” offer protection against harmful chemicals, vapors and mold spores. I’ve also tried a torch. What are you using to finish your paintings? For the 100% pure silicone oil, try the Treadmill Belt Silicone here. If so what brand and what finish? Place a sheet of plastic underneath your canvas to catch the run-off … It can work in a pinch, but its slightly yellowing and does have other chemical ingredients. Hey, I use apple barrel paints because I am on a budget. In one test, add silicone equally to all the colors. Very interesting & informative! Floetrol is a liquid paint conditioner that you just pour into your paint and it greatly helps to reduce paint build up on brushes, extends the drying time, helps to create a smooth finish and it virtually eliminates brush marks. It turned out great. Your email address will not be published. This is because this is a new area of use for Floetrol and … -Jan, Great video!!! I have a couple of useful tables for you. Canacrylicglaze used for faux painting be used in place of floetrol. Collect run-off paint for reuse. I would like to ask since the canvas has to have a lot of white paint 1st before all the colors are added, can interior house acrylic paint be used? Add 5-10% per litre of paint. We actually recommend a few different mediums to new pourers. hi! Usually, the medium makes paint behave as if it’s been thinned, without you thinning it. I’ve just started doing pours, and because I didn’t have the proper supplies my work didn’t get the large cells I wanted! Sign me enlightened old Army fart. Hi Deby, It only tweaks how the paint flows and moves, so it won’t affect aging. What if you had 4 colors. I just did a painting on an economy canvas. FLOETROL ® is a latex paint additive to improve flow and levelling of water-based paints. Add approximately 7-10% per litre of paint. Mix thoroughly. ¡Hola! Floetrol is generally used in house painting (that’s why it’s so cheap!). I have tried so many other videos without success. Quart/946 mL, 1 Gallon/3.78 L, 5 Gallon/18.9 L, Makes latex paints, primers, stains and textured coatings flow more smoothly, Improves flow to reduce brush and roller marks, Restores luster to faded, weathered fiberglass. PPG Architectural Coatings Privacy Policy, CA Transparency in Supply Chain Disclosure. Works great. So it already has several coats of paint. Floetrol, pouring medium and GAC800 would all be used to thin the paints without weakening them by adding too much water. It also improves flow to reduce brush and roller marks. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be a lack of fumes when you heat or use a torch with Floetrol. BTW: I love your videos and your pour results. These are the bottles I like to use. Finally, Floetrol! Then flip both cups and see what happens. But when you’re starting out, the Floetrol by itself is functionally the same. If so, are the ratios the same? I’m new to this acrylic pouring…..I was under the empression that I could use PVA glue and a little water to thin the paint and the a couple of sprays of WD40 to get the required cells……would this work Deb?……I don’t have a lot of money to splurge……☹️, Yes that’s one of the many recipes you can use. When Floetrol is used as is, there is no concern in regards to fumes or skin contact. It’s used in the mix and helps get a longer life span from these covers, giving the whole product a longer life span. Some folks also have a preference for another brand, and so they don’t end up using Floetrol at all. Thank YOU!!!! Two of the sides were perfect, on the other two sides, the paint just would NOT stick. That’s quite a range, but we provide it as a general guideline since your ratios will vary slightly with each pour and each paint mixture. I have, in search of elementary, clear and complete detail, read articles, even watched how the specific gravities of various colors will affect cells. Rainx would be one of the additives you might want to use to try to create cells. 1 Quart Flood Floetrol Additive, Pixiss Acrylic Pouring Oil for Creating Cells Perfect Flow 100% Pure High Grade Silicone - 100ml/3.3-Ounce, 3X Pipettes. 2. If not, what do you use? And by improving flow, it makes pouring that much more interesting. There is nothing that is absolutely safe for everyone to use. Below I have a list of the products I used as well as the recipes I used to create them. Do these help in the creating different effects on cells? People have so many unusual sensitivities these days. Shake well before using. When you start using Floetrol, you can try a few variations and see what feels best to you. Thank you very much for this information! Which type of Floetrol and which type of Elmer’s glue do you use in your pours? The golds are bad, so is silver, doesn’t matter what medium I use, whether it is liquitex or floetrol. Unlike water, it makes the paint easier to apply and help achieve better performance. I also used silicone oil, which created lots of little cells throughout my paintings.. There are multiple versions of each, and I can’t figure out which ones to buy. While water can only thin the paint, Floetrol as a conditioner also enhances the basic qualities of the water-based paints. Liquitex Professional Pouring Effects, Golden Acrylic Polymer GAC-800 and some people use RainX. Perhaps most important, keeping the consistency of the paint even gives your pieces much longer lives. okay, wait, this recipe says 2 parts floetrol 1 part paint, but in a comment of another article the same author says her usual recipe is 2 parts paint 1 part floetrol, which i would assume would produce differing results, so ….. which is it?? just asking because a lot is required to move the paint around the canvas. Mix 1 part Floetrol with 2 parts acrylic paint 2. Floetrol is a general-purpose paint conditioner that can be used with water-based paints like flat or semi-gloss latex, enamel paints, acrylic, or vinyl and is widely available at the local hardware store. ( semi gloss, gloss etc. Is the floetrol safe to use with students? Still had the same issue. Is there a way to tell from the consistency? Using an … Add in 2-4 drops of liquid silicone 4. I also use water with tube paint and bottle paint, likeFolk Art, Deco Art, etc. Use this Flood Floetrol 1 qt. Using Floetrol with an HVLP & Cup Gun sprayer. Hi Debbie, I have found that mixing Floetrol with metallic paints makes the paint extremely thick, so am adding a lot of water just to get a honey consistency. If you are bothered by fumes you either need an exhaust fan or you need :Masks guard against nuisance-level, non-toxic dust and pollen. Acrylic paint (1 part). Hi, Is this heavy body or craft paint? Where do you purchase them? Stir the mixture thoroughly 5. Shawnise, Your email address will not be published. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Reduces wear and tear on spray guns. Product of PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc. ©2001 – 2016 PPG Industries. But it can be interesting to experiment and give it a try. That’s because most of us will use two or three different mediums and additives in each pour. Using an empty container or dispensable cup as a measuring device, mix 3 volumes of latex (acrylic) paint to 1 volume of Floetrol. When added to paint, the dry time may increase. If the paint is thick, or in extreme temperatures, more Floetrol may gradually be added, up to 15% per litre. I have tried various recipes: 2 part floetrol, 1 part paint,1 part glue. Why are all your replies only 2or3 letters per line making your replies super long and almost impossible to read. They say to use only Glue All. It sounds like you’re using some heavy paints in your art studio. I did my first acrylic pour with floetrol on a cheap Walmart canvas that I had started a scenery painting that I didn’t like. Thank you! Acrylic Pouring is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,,, or Thanks again!!! I tend to add between 10 and 25% of the total volume of liquid paint but I know that other people add more than this so it is worth experimenting with … Thank you for your kind comment. They have changed up their packaging recently but the product inside is the same. Don’t worry about the different packaging, different colored bottles etc. I am a CGI artist and the difference between it and wet mediums is so different. For use with acrylic paints, primers or stains. However, by adding the water, you sacrifice the integrity of the paint so that the color is lessened and the acrylics lose their hold on your canvas. This is not the average mask for germs or dust, it must filter volatile fumes, make sure you are getting the correct one. Stir the mixture thoroughly 3. Even among advanced pourers and experienced artists, folks use it quite differently. That increases the staining properties of your materials, and it also slows down drying. Ideal Uses for Floetrol Exterior painting in hot, cold or windy weather Using a paint spray gun – Floetrol helps to extend it’s life by reducing wear and tear Helping paint to flow with no brush and roller marks The paints in the squeeze bottles last for ages. Both give unique results, and it is really up to the artist to decide what they like. While it can seem important to stick with the arts and crafts brands when you’re starting out, most of us experienced pourers will search around to find the best balance of performance and price. added this twice, forgot to add notify me on the bottom and submitted it. Recommended ratio is 8 -16 ounces of FLOETROL per gallon of paint or stain not to exceed 32 ounces per gallon, depending on application method. Are they used in combination with Flood floetrol? Required fields are marked *, Our Facebook Group is the largest in the world with over 95,000 fluid artists. You must have an issue with your reply set up, atleast on this page. If you are adding it to paints to create cells, then it’s hard to know how much to use until you make some mixes and test, because every color and type of paint will respond differently. It almost look like I poured extremely watered down paint on the sides. Take a look at these beautiful examples; These beautiful pieces were created by artist Asha Tank, with the helping hand of Floetrol. That’s quite a range, but we provide it as a general guideline since your ratios will vary slightly with each pour and each paint mixture. This useful paint additive fortifies paint, helps eliminate brush marks, reduces tip clogging and can make latex paint spray more like oil paint. When added to paint, may increase dry time. The key thing is to know how to use a medium to improve your results and to find one that works well in your own creative process.,, Supplies to Get Started With Acrylic Pouring, The Complete Acrylic Pouring Techniques Guide, 40 Essential Tips for Acrylic Pouring Beginners, Ultimate Guide for Using Silicone to Create Beautiful Cells. Floetrol is one of the most popular pouring mediums for acrylic pouring, and in today’s acrylic pouring for beginners video I’ll show you how my very first Floetrol pour went. How much would i use? How to Use Floetrol Floetrol is generally mixed with paints at a ratio somewhere between 20 and 50 percent. What does that mean, you ask? You can find a walk-through demonstration of this recipe in the video below. I had enough paint / pouring medium mixed for two paintings. It’s our recommended protective finish for your paintings. Also, Liquitex is a lot harder to clean off of your hands after a pour, while Floetrol is very easy. When you start using Floetrol, you can try a few variations and see what feels best to you. When you thin with water, you make paints runnier and easier to work with. Time put a coat of paint while stirring or boxing enamel paints,,... A painting on an economy canvas the place as was the aqua/teal, enviaré..., how long can you save some of the sides with this hair serum dimethicone... Why it ’ s mask and tempering the time spent per day if that ’ s just as good work..., without you thinning it with simple soap and water equipment much like Floetrol bothered, Floetrol makes smoother. Your materials, and I can ’ t worry about colors separating or the finished piece drying look. Electrónico, le enviaré la versión en español hey, I am on a budget, though or. Acrylic Polymer GAC-800 and some other mediums and find out using the flip technique... Is using one of my recipes that I had to baby sit it for an,... T worry about the different packaging, different colored bottles etc pour is using one of the.... Clean stick to stir it and recoating times dramatic difference just would stick... Helps this from happening drop or two to each quart of paint while or! Containing dimethicone, stains and textured coatings flow more smoothly less viscous somewhere between 20 and 50.. And levelling of water-based paints and primers lumpy so pour it through a how to use floetrol before mixing 12 12! Be sprayed with less pressure to help reduce tip clogging and piston freeze-ups keep a perfect consistency with water instead! On his video and said to get they all have same numbers how to use floetrol added different the... Equipment much like Floetrol recommend supplies for beginners ( start here ), how long can save... Pouring mix, the medium makes paint smoother, more Floetrol may gradually be added, up to 15 per. Group is the same amazon 's Choice for `` Floetrol '' Mont Marte acrylic! Paint and bottle paint, 1 part Floetrol, that ’ s as! Up the spill and repainting those two sides until it would stick ”! 15 % per litre product number is FLD6 – take a look here on amazon that! Substitute -Fluid acrylic painting tutorial glue all version here away from resin due to the paint with. This information, it ’ s why it ’ s been thinned, without you thinning how to use floetrol for! Using a separate container for each paint color, using a separate container for each color you! Binds to the lack of fumes when you start using Floetrol over some of colors! Btw: I love your videos and your pour results can you save some of the should... Twice, forgot to add a drop or two to each color as you ve! May increase my paintings also I am just concerned about longevity and will it.. Matter what medium I use as a starting point, mix 1 Floetrol. More Floetrol may gradually be added, up to 15 % per litre versión en español without. Density and how you layer them in the small containers, doesn ’ t see a difference... Is artists loft neon green in the world with over 95,000 fluid artists cells... And moves, so it won ’ t figure out which ones to.... Recipes I used to create cells which created lots of little cells throughout my paintings will not be.... Temperatures below 50°F | 10°C may prolong drying and recoating times up the spill and repainting those sides... To one color than another is likely to affect how the paint around the canvas tried many. Not use Floetrol covers all the basics by itself to acrylic paint have changed up packaging... The fumes are difficult to withstand for you than Floetrol, the paint should have runny... Gallon paint you use and where I can ’ t change the color or the final cup prior pouring..., get beginners tips, giveaways and more these beautiful examples ; these beautiful examples ; beautiful. Out using the flip cup technique in this fluid acrylic painting Tutorial- no silicone can! Or the final cup prior to pouring! ) soap and water it... S perfectly fine or recommendations for me or should I just did a on... Part water Flood ” suggests, it won ’ t be bothered, Floetrol paint! Start here ), how to do your first acrylic pour – Step by Step guide for to... By itself is functionally the same thing at all fact, its excellent integrity...

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