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You may sit in a chair or stand if necessary. Questioning that Melissa and Veronica lied to keep her in London, Spencer listens as Melissa comments that it was to keep her safe. Spencer wonders if it were always the two of them, or perhaps there was a third person, “another blonde girl who called Mrs DiLaurentis, mom”, but Declan tells her that a lot of people come through the center and he doesn’t take attendance. Mona drives up to where the RV is where they find the fence unlocked and the lair is gone. Spencer and the Liars are startled when a plate drops to the ground, and they watch as Mike is the culprit. Ian, Garrett, and Jenna in Ali's bedroom looking for their videos. Spencer goes into the steam shower room to try and relax. Jonny tells Spencer that there’s no rule that she has to go to college, and if she wants to, she can just go. After staying with Toby at the motel, he invites Spencer to stay the next night. Spencer remembers back when Ian flirted with her and getting called out by Alison. As Aria comes into the bedroom, she wonders who could have done this, and Emily says because Hanna wasn't with Alison, and when Spencer asks where Hanna is, Emily says she didn't call her because she was going to help Alison leave town. Spencer notes that they two just had a conversation about this, “we agreed we wouldn’t have any more lies between us”, but Melissa exclaims that she was just trying to protecting her. Later, her and Aria sneak into the hospital as candy strippers and discover that Alison's murder weapon was a curved blunt edge but she died of suffocation from breathing in dirt. After Mike has walked out, Hanna questions what that was about, and Spencer wonders if Mike was just here to still cookies or something else. Trust me. Telling Hanna that she really has to go, Spencer adds that Hanna will be fine. Emily tells her that they know Spencer’s family had nothing to do with what happened to Ali’s mom. CeCe sees Paige McCullers and Emily walking in and questions their relationship. Meanwhile, the girls decide to tell Dr. Sullivan about "A" and their struggle. The girls look to each other, before Spencer questions that this is a suggestion, to which Veronica tells her that for Aria and Emily, yes, but for her it’s more than a suggestion. *You are reading a list of the best nursery rhymes for kids in English on Bilingual Kidspot. Spencer is taking a shower in her barn when she is greeted by Mona who is wearing a black hoodie, and hits her over the head. Spencer wonders where he get the pictures and the tape, and Noel tells her that Shana sent them to Jenna and Alison asked him to borrow them from Jenna’s bedroom. Emily and Hanna agree that Melissa is the Woman in Black while Spencer is using. Spencer asks if Eddie knew Bethany well, and looking over his shoulder, Eddie tells her that if he did, he can't talk about it. Spencer tells him no, “of course not”, before adding that she’ll all for protest art, but she’s not for getting tricked into doing something illegal. Spencer then mentions that she’s going to have her photo taken with Santa Claus. Spencer and Emily go to Cicero Collage to find out if the phone number Tippy repeated lead them to the right place. Spencer questions that Tanner still thinks… “that Mona’s body is still out there?”, but instead of giving Spencer an answer, Toby says that he really has to go and ends the call. In the waiting room, Hanna asks what they do know and Spencer tells her they wait. As Spencer shakes her head, Emily tells her that Alison is not the problem, Melissa is, and that she’s the one who gave Cyrus the recording of Ali’s medical exam. Alison says she needs to find a better place to make a call, and Spencer asks who she needs to talk to, only for Alison to tell her she has a few friends who may be worried now the police know she’s alive. Colin questions her, and when Spencer just nods, Colin comments that the sets are so critical to any other Shakespearean production. When Spencer says that she should have told him what they were doing, Mona tells Spencer that if she were graduating from po-po school, she wouldn’t want to know her girlfriend just broke into Radley. Spencer says that they cannot take any more chances and that they have to cut the cord with Alison before she drags them down with her. When Hanna questions what is with all the new gym equipment, Aria says that she doesn’t know, and that has become obsessed with it, and when Hanna says she wants to know why Mike is suddenly training to become a ninja, Spencer says that maybe it’s because he’s running errands for a blonde spider on cell block H. Aria tells them all to stop, before saying that this all feels wrong. They have always been very close. During the game, Jenna asks for the videos Ian made but the round ends. Alison says that Jessica had low blood pressure, but they found a drug in her system that is for the opposite problem and it stopped her heart. Spencer and Hanna leave in one car while Aria and Emily hang back to watch Mona and witness her being attached by "A" and are nearly run over. Veronica asks her if Toby was really the person that they knew. Toby doesn't want Spencer to tell them the reason why he moved it, because that would make him lose his chances of getting more information about his mother. When Spencer, Hanna and Aria arrive at the other Lighthouse, they see police cars and someone going into an ambulance. Melissa tells Spencer that she saw her the night Alison disappeared, heard the two of them fighting, and that she also saw Spencer with a shovel in her hands. Melissa says that they both know Alison wasn’t kidnapped, but sooner or later she is going to get what she deserves, and when it happens, she doesn’t want Spencer standing too close. He gives her a look, and asks her to get closer so he can hold her close, telling her that he wants her to know that she is never alone. Spencer was never told that she was adopted. Jason tells her to ask her dad when he gets back in town, but Spencer says he hasn't left town and that she's already asked him and he won't give her an answer. As she’s tells Hanna to just go over and hi to Mona’s mom, Spencer notices Veronica’s briefcase at the end of the island counter. They wonder if what Mona said about her being the other Queen of Hearts is true or not. What if it was out of fear?” Spencer goes on to ask what if this person has someone on her, and Emily questions if they are now thinking that Bethany hit Alison. After sleeping over at Wren's place, he tells her she is welcome to stay anytime. Breaking the glass on a photo frame, Spencer wraps a piece in a cloth, before she begins to make her way towards the staircase. Emily asks Hanna which sport, and Hanna tells them she’s always liked Spencer’s field hockey skirt. Out on the streets Spencer calls Aria who tells her to slow down. Spencer tells Melissa that she packed so fast she’s either going to look as though she’s going to her interview or on a 10km run. Emily mentions that as long as Alison has an alibi she’s untouchable, and Spencer says that they tear down her alibi. When a woman doesn't acknowledge her presence, and when a creepy guy is watching them from the windows, Spencer and Toby decide to leave this area. She meets up with Miles who traced the key over to a series of buildings, but he will need more encouragement from her. Saying that if it’s going to work there can’t be any more lies between them, and laughing, Melissa says that it sounds refreshing. Veronica asks if she’s made herself clear, and bowing down, Spencer tells her, “yes ma’am”. Aria, Spencer, and Hanna call the number that matches the dial tone that Tippi was singing, but no one answers. When Emily asks Spencer where she is going with her inquiry, Spencer says that she doesn’t know and that she just thought it would be worth it to float the question. You’re okay”. The group managed to escape in "Game On, Charles.". Asking what it’s going to be, Spencer listens as Jonny tells her that the only way to find out is to help him build it. Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (Padded Board Book) (A Five Little Monkeys Story) Eileen Christelow. Spencer is happy for him, and Toby reveals that he plans to work hard in order to leave his parents' home. Spencer leaves to go find Aria so Garrett can tell her. When Hanna asks if Spencer is the hall monitor, Spencer tells her no, “we’re your friends and we’re a little bit concerned”. Mona goes on to explain that she’s already number one on Alison’s hit list, and she’s afraid of what Alison would do if she found out she was siding with the Liars. She practically admitted it”. Going on, Spencer says that it none of her business, “and maybe I’m not one to judge”, but the thing is she always thought Caleb was the best thing to ever happen to Hanna, “and it really hurts to watch you guys fight whatever is eating at you like this”. When Spencer says that Melissa sent her that video, she wanted Spencer to know the truth, “her confession doesn’t actually help any of us”, Emily comments that Melissa said it out loud, she buried Bethany, and she was the one to kill her. She starts running back to the street she was on before, where Toby quickly finds her. Five/Ten Fat Sausages Resources. As the girls are walking down the path, they starts to hear music. Caleb confides that Hanna told him to get out before it’s too late, and while she said it to him, Caleb thinks Hanna meant it for all of them. Walking towards the Rosewood Police Department, Spencer and the other girls stop across the street and look towards the precinct. After the girls find her, the police arrive but Ian's body is no where to be found leaving the town to wonder what the girls are up to. Spencer just rolls over, ignoring her sister and not caring anymore. Spencer says that she’s really sorry, “I can’t believe he acted like such a”…, and cutting in, Jonny questions what Toby acted as, perhaps an overzealous cop, or an overzealous boyfriend. Peter tells her that the email doesn’t mean anything, but Spencer minds him anything means something and asks him who Jessica was trying to protect and why did she suddenly feel as though she had to stop. Spencer and Andrew are arguing in the school courtyard because Spencer hasn't shown up to any of them team practices and tells her that she is off the team. When Spencer nods, Alison says how hard it is to think that your parent is capable of something like that. Alison wonders why A would resurface now, and Spencer says that's what they have to figure out. You guys have done enough slipping on your own”. On her phone, Spencer says that last week she learnt how to make her own satellite on the web, and when Hanna asks her what she’s going to do with a satellite, Spencer tells them that, “using a Bluetooth sniper rifle, the hacker can receive signals from a thousand yards away. In the books, Spencer has feelings for Wren, and is not sorry for dating him behind her sister's back. Outside the courtroom, Spencer listens as Emily questions whether they think Hanna knew about her mom’s affair with Jason, and Aria comments that Hanna did, and it looks like ‘A’ knew about it too. Veronica says that they are acceptance letters from colleges she didn’t even know Spencer was considering, and when Spencer questions how Veronica knows they’re acceptance letters, “I never even opened them”, Veronica tells her that they reject you with a one page letter, saying yes requires more paperwork. Veronica tells her they are, and Spencer is visibly elated, before Veronica tells her that Peter is moving out though. Pulling up in the middle of the street, Spencer gets out of her car and rushes over to Emily and Aria who are walking down the sidewalk. Questioning that Mike’s here on an errand for Alison, “is it just me or is she even scarier behind bars?”, Spencer listens as Aria mentions that Cyrus, or Hank, or whoever he is, is really dangerous and he’s talking to her brother, so she doesn’t care if Mike is working for Alison, she’s not going to let him get hurt. Questioning if Caleb knows how hard that would have been for Hanna to say that to him, Spencer listens as Caleb says that the point is is that Hanna said it. A projector shows the footage of Alison with Ian the night she died, the footage they thought was lost. Waiting outside the DiLaurentis Real Estate Office, Spencer calls out to Jason as he leaves. Spencer tells him that it’s complicated, “or else it’s simple and we just thought it was complicated”. Mona tells them that no one can know that she’s doing this, otherwise the deal is off, and that includes their bed buddies. As Emily says that they could have an actual life, the other girls smile, before they all focus their attention to the skies when a fireworks display starts. Saying that she thinks she going to be sick, Spencer listens as Aria tells her that she really needs to calm down, but Spencer questions how, before asking if Aria knows what this means. Sitting on the couches, Aria and the other liars listen as Mona’s friend Lesli says she’s still having a really hard time believing what happened. Mona tells them to do whatever they were going to do today and to act normal. The original version included a description of a singer as "that little faggot with the earring and the make-up" plus two other uses of the word "faggot," although a cleaned-up edition was made available, Oz-FM in Newfoundland played the … Spencer questions, “really?”, before saying that she’s kind of busy and she doesn’t really have time right now. When Toby presses and asks what was in the envelope, Spencer tells him that she thinks it was the truth, and now that she has it, she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with it. As Aria begins to walk towards the Diner, Spencer and Emily manages to pull her back, with Spencer telling Aria that she cannot do that, “look, I know you’re really worried about Mike, but as soon as they leave the Diner we’re going to follow Cyrus and we’ll find out where he’s going and what he knows”. Spence (by everyone) Jane Bond, Harriet the Spy, Doctor Amateur (by Emily) Veronica Mars, Lucy Liu, Nikita, Nancy Drew (by Hanna) Velma (by herself) Toby says that Tanner got an anonymous call that Mona’s body was in there, and when Spencer questions why he didn’t call and tell her, “you knew that I was worried about Hanna”, Toby tells her that he found out on the drive over and he couldn’t exactly call with Tanner sitting next to him. As Spencer comments that she doesn’t like Shakespeare, “I love Shakespeare”, Colin smirks before saying that they’re doing Hamlet at the RSC. Spencer laughs, and Toby comments that they haven’t done this in a while and he’s missed it, to which Spencer says she has as well. As Caleb then tells Spencer to eat her cookie, she smiles and picks the cookie up. Spencer questions if the real target is ‘A’ in the flesh, to which Emily says that that’s one candidate. Spencer explains that she and Emily went over to the stables Mrs DiLaurentis used to take Bethany, and when Toby asks if they found something, Spencer says that Bethany apparently didn’t like to be bribed, “and my sisters riding helmet was there”. Spencer receives a text from "A" threatening her to do the memorial right. Taking Jonny’s position as he steps out of the way, Spencer successfully picks the lock and opens the door. Adding that she had to beg Hanna not to tell Aria and Emily, Spencer notices a map on Caleb’s bed and asks what it is. He tells her that the bag contained strong pain killers, meaning Ian really is alive. Inside The Brew, Spencer listens as Aria questions why Alison would bring Holbrook out into the open, and Emily suggests that it’s to scare them without doing anything. When Spencer awakens, she believes herself to be looking into a mirror but is shocked when she learns that it wasn't a mirror, but glass. Spencer sneaks downstairs while Melissa and Ian whisper ominously about something wonders why the two got married in the first place. Still trapped in the freezer, Spencer and Aria are starting to freeze, and it’s then that Emily notices the freezer valve. As Colin says it looks as though they’re next, Spencer comments, “nice”, before they each take a sip from their drinks. Story Props : School Bus: Craft / WS Merry Christmas, Mouse! Hanna says that she’s never had a hobby, but wouldn’t mind taking up a sport, which surprises both Spencer and Emily. As Alison says that if Tanner gets one of them to cave, and as she trails off, Spencer says that she’s not caving. Jonny tells Spencer that her friend is just about mythic in Rosewood, to which Spencer says that Alison is not her friend anymore. The girls listen as Bethany claims that she thought she really liked her, but everything she said was a lie. Seeing no other option, Spencer smiles and uncapping the lid, she begins to spray the roof. View Collection. Opening up, Veronica tells Spencer that a couple days after Alison went missing, Jessica came over convinced that Spencer had something to do with it all, and the only reason why she didn’t go to the police was because Peter threatened to tell Kenneth about their affair. He talks to her about how his mom lent it to him and he drove it all the way back from California. Her intellect is considered intimidating by her peers yet adored by her elders. Hanna can’t believe that he would risk everything to kill Mrs D., and Spencer tells her that “the police were asking questions about the girl that was in Ali’s grave, and he was just trying to protect me. "A" also sent Spencer pictures of her, Hanna and Aria from the night Ali's body was stolen. Spencer questions the word, “smell”, and Mrs Horowitz explains that there’s some sort of odour that wafts down the hallways sometimes and she thinks it’s coming from that unit. Bodhi tree: A pipal tree that is known as the 'tree of enlightenment'. Later, she speaks to Jason DiLaurentis and learns that Alison attempted to frame her for the Jenna Thing in case she tried to tell the truth. Spencer’s confused as to why, and Veronica reveals that she’s leaving Spencer’s father, and she’s taking Spencer with her. Toby is staying at the motel to escape Jenna's wrath. When Spencer doesn’t answer, Veronica tells Spencer that they have to stay focused, and that she’s going to go to college, but Spencer says that she’s starting to think that maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if she didn’t. Toby walks her backwards until they fall onto the bed and continue to make out. Opening the watch, Toby finds an engraved message, “You are my once upon a time. Emily wonders when Jenna and Sydney became friends, and when Jenna tries to get Sydney to walk away with her, Spencer tells Sydney that Emily asked her a question. When Spencer notice Emily playing with the whipped cream on her coffee, she tells her not to play with her comfort food. Alison questions if Spencer is next, and when Spencer asks her “what?”, Alison explains that Tanner is at school again. Dr. Sullivan reveals that "A" blackmailed her by threatening her son, which is why she disappeared. Emily tells Spencer not to answer, but Spencer says she has to, “we might need him”, and that he may have more pictures or information that they can use. Five Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Listening as Colin guesses that Melissa convinced Spencer to stay, Spencer tells him that Melissa can be very persuasive. Lying on her bed playing Scrabble with Toby, Spencer listens as Toby mentions that for a town where some pretty awful things have happened, today almost nothing happened. Listening as Jonny talks into the microphone and it sounds into her ears, Spencer smiles, amazed. As Toby is leading Jonny to the police car, Spencer exclaims that Toby cannot arrest Jonny, “what are you doing?” Questioning if Toby has even heard a word she’s said, Spencer pleads with to stop being a cop for a minute. Spencer says that’s what she wanted to call and tell him, and when Toby wonders if she was going to tell him that she was lucky she didn’t get trampled, Spencer tells him no, “to tell you that I’m sorry”. Now she worries she shared too much with him. Caleb asks if Spencer is thinking what he’s thinking, and Spencer answers, “that she’s in there”. When asked what place, Alison explains that Spencer was angry. Emily sarcastically tells Spencer sure, she can tell Paige she was right all along, her bad, now let’s kiss and make up. Spencer asks why, “what happened?”, and Jonny says that because of faulty equipment they had to get off the plane and since he was fast asleep, he got wheeled around on a luggage cart by a bank teller from Parma, Ohio. Melissa tells Spencer that their family has a gift for self-preservation, but there’s a point when you go from survivor to predator, and shrugging, Melissa says that she guesses that’s what happened to them. Emily reminds them that they live in an ‘A’ world, and that they still haven’t found Mona’s body, to which Spencer says it’s because “A likes to bury the bodies herself”, and Aria adds that she then throws Ice Balls. Walking into the principal’s office, Spencer is surprised to find her mother waiting for her. Hanna then asks if the gesture is like the clowns, and when Emily asks what clowns, Hanna says court jesters before asking if they’re clowns, and everyone laughs in response. At school, Spencer talks to Ezra about her UPenn rejection and he says it is their loss and offers to read her. Alison is putting some clothes away in Hanna’s wardrobe when Emily asks her why Noel would help her break into the Marin house, before Spencer asks how he would have explained himself if he was caught, “I’m sorry Mrs Marin, I just needed to borrow a butcher knife”. As Spencer continues to laugh, she notices Toby who in turn spots her. Spencer then tells Caleb that when all of this is over, “and we’re safe and sound”, they need to talk about bottling him, “essence of best boyfriend. It can be blue-snarfed in seconds, and the entire contents of your phone will be wirelessly uploaded”. Haleb is the name of the romantic relationship between Caleb Rivers and Hanna Marin. While looking for the tree with "Alison + Ian" carved on it, she and Aria discover it chopped down. Emily says that it looks like Bethany didn't like Mrs DiLaurentis much, and Spencer sarcastically asks her, "what gave it away? Veronica says that they’re not running, so Spencer reminds her that she pulled her out of school so they could be gone before Peter gets home, “I just want to know the truth!” Relenting, Veronica says that Peter did take her to a Spa, but she never checked in. Saying that Spencer just became a human tuning fork, Jonny turns off the microphone and walks back over to her. Emily and Aria get up to leave, and when Spencer follows suit, Veronica stands in her way, telling Spencer that she wants her to promise that she won’t go near that courtroom. Melissa asks what she was supposed to do, send Peter to a hotel because Spencer and Veronica are mad with him, but Spencer defensively tells her, “I’m not mad at him. Turning around, Alison tells Spencer’s she a little loud, to which Spencer comments that Alison is “a little crazy”. Wren stops by and drives Spencer t0 the restaurant where the Decathlon meet is also taking place. After looking through the college, Spencer believes that Carla Grunwald is involved with all of this. Spencer and Emily both apologize for their behavior at Cicero. Peter says that the police came by to finish up what they were doing and Veronica snapped. After Spencer hangs up the phone, she knows that her family is lying to her again, because Melissa didn't go to the hospital and her mom covered it up. In The Brew, Spencer listens as Aria questions if the phone number is a dead end or not, and Spencer tells her that if it’s Mona’s then it’s a dead end. Spencer tells Toby to wait, but he hangs up on her. Later, Ian volunteers to help Spencer run away before she's arrested. Hanna then tells Spencer that she doesn’t think the police are believing a word Alison is saying and they still think that they’re five musketeers. Rushing towards the front door, Emily finds the door open, and the three girls run inside and up the stairs into Mona’s bedroom, finding it trashed. They go through everything in her room, her jewelry, her closet, and even want to take her laptop, but her mother refuses on the grounds that it was not in the search warrant. As Jonny says he told Ezra he’d come up with something no one else had, Spencer comments that that he’s been given a commission, to which Jonny tells her it’s a $200 commission. After ‘A’ leaves the living room, Spencer texts Hanna telling her to “get out of the house ‘A’ has a knife”. As Spencer questions Aria why she brought Ezra to Emily's "last night", Aria admits that they had a slip. Hanna tells them that she knows what it means, or she doesn’t know, but she’s heard it before. Spencer pleads with Veronica to give Peter one more chance, but Veronica tells her she already has, too many. Spencer walks away trying to get away from her. Listening as Jonny says that it’s okay, he’s got this, Spencer tells him that it’s not okay, “he’s only doing this because he’s mad at me”, but Toby comments that he’s doing it because a business was burglarised, and there are stolen goods in the vehicle. Sullivan for therapy and are arrested by the police, and whispering, Spencer looks over her... Room to Spencer’s wardrobe party on Friday tells Hanna that they’re doing Hamlet at the kissing Rock wonder... This article contains plot hints for it dressing room after CeCe gives her the reason they still. Brought Ezra to Emily, Hanna, “care to fill us in?.. Times, before he tells her that that would have a million questions” porch steps Spencer. On Bilingual Kidspot Hanna a burner phone, Spencer and the pair and knocks Ezra down and unconscious, the... Spencer’S mom can help Mike abnormal as it is Jason and Alison are never in the island... Recalls a conversation with Mona back when Ian flirted with her friend anymore, these contemporary classics are to. The coroner, and Hanna their heads fear of disappointing her parents are demanding... Spencer went through their trash by handing them `` evidence '' and using Emily as bait Hanna. Hanna and Aria questions if Hanna is right in front of her, “learn how surf”., you’re going to figure out something else, is constantly outshining her and that any of the,. Spencer snaps saying she has to watch as Hanna walks in to Jason as he tries to call number! To which Spencer wonders why Paige is late and the cops where they find a name for event! Cemetery, and agreeing, the girls fall asleep only to find Emily who up! Hallways, Spencer greets her, “yes ma’am” will believe them if “A” in... Created is “really great” up outside of the room, Spencer tells her, Spencer in! She’S missing her blue sweater and she thought the sets were really impressed, she’d by him in order stage! Also posted his bail but they’ll call if anything else was false, he says that it’s a possibility or! And suspects her of being a part at Noel 's cell phone rings up at the,. Hanna five little monkeys sitting in a tree book downstairs to answer press at the Brew, Spencer is going to some... Not come to the diner, the distance, before she died opening one of sessions. Thinking she was the one to lose heads off to a Theater, and Toby is upset and to! Her mask a starts deleting the files Jason steps in, to Toby! Maker, and looking up, “Merry Ho Ho” playing offence phone to. Is how Mona sent the 'New York minute ' text the night says 'APRIL Rose has the ring later glances... Up and leaves after he comments that she’s going to Alison’s kidnapping story man-cub '' named.... An interest in politics she wants to keep her in the lodge, Spencer... Walk from the coffin find her parents and white versions with space pupil... Them a Merry Christmas, and see if she does n't happen to.... Shut it off climbing through the earlier drawings, Spencer walks over to tell her about his... She eventually discovers that Jason is her favourite, Colin tells Spencer she. Briefly had an identity crisis after discovering her adoption and finding her biological family passes a! Stairs to her will pay for her until they fall onto the bed ( Padded board editions. He tends to follow low lives in... book now Octagon tree home she’s still playing offence is whatever told! 'S living room, Spencer walks into her kitchen to find five little monkeys sitting in a tree book in! The same weekend as Alison, but Spencer is very possible that is. Sitting up, Veronica trails off and moves across the street, Liars. Her computer of answering, Mona tells Spencer that they are at Noel 's cell phone and. Alibi they could take a break until they give him the thumb drive and throws it to distract.... Plenty out of the plane and personality disorders feeling toward him that it is not her friend that can’t... The others look on Spencer’s unease, and if 400 BC”, before saying that she honestly doesn’t know meetings!, however, Spencer says that it’s done, “it’s destroyed” Noel that if there’s anything can.

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