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Thanks for keeping your website going right now, I don’t know how you are doing it but I am really enjoying it. Oh my! Added some golden raisins from my farmers market and substituted some chopped walnuts for the almonds. The plane food was in fact gross, I was hungry, and I was really glad I had made Madelines! Often I don’t have one as they’re not cheap here in FL believe it or not. Maybe more lemon juice would help? Favorite phrase – “breakfast yesterday afternoon”. I ate some at each meal for a week! Also, to Steph @ comment 295? I love it with the almonds and coconut. And the apple crips does sound wonderful aswell, I think I will give it a try this weekend when a friend is visiting and I need to impress her with breakfast! yum. I especially have a soft spot for recipes that call for honey. :). My kids love it! Also, at 400 the granola was *almost* burned after 45 min; next time I’ll either turn it back to 375 or be sure to cover it after 35 minutes or so. The whole time I was reading about the apple crisp I just kept thinking “where is the cute baby photo?” glad I got to see it at the end! Breakfast Apple Granola Crisp on You don't want to know how long it took to peel and chop six apples. It turns out that Indiana is really beautiful, and that I've got some cool family history stuff goin' on there. delicious, and that is such a good idea to use less sugar and have it me more of a breakfast item! Wow, the dish looks so delicious and healthy. Cool to room temperature and then refrigerate. I’m fixated on granola and eggy th… Stir in the flour oats almonds coconut and another pinch of salt until clumps form. Wow! I still maintain that the best topping for oatmeal is leftover apple pie filling that wouldn’t fit into the pie, so this sounds right up my alley, but perhaps slightly better for me. I love anytime of day recipes. I was wondering the same thing. Amazing! Despite a lack of sleep, I can’t seem to keep from fiddling around with my blog, either. Followed the instructions for the most part (only had to leave out the coconut (none in the house), but I should have paid more attention to the comments about the browning/burning. Dec 18, 2014 - As excited as I am to be — slowly, tentatively — back in the kitchen, I seem to be stuck at the beginning, or at least the beginning of the day. Wondering if it may be my oven as it started to burn before it got nice and crispy. Would you bake completely, cool and then freeze, or freeze unbaked and then thaw and bake? This time I used a whole stick. Also making your onion soup recipe later today. Too cute! I just made this and it looks delicious. I’m sure this is so tasty – a friend sent me the link to your Mom’s apple cake and I made it this week and wow…truly a treat. Or should I freeze it uncooked? this looks like a lovely recipe– thank you! Your pastry makes it “over the top”. Can’t wait for breakfast all week! The kids will play, we’ll watch the snow melt and eat some delicious crisp. Do I have an excuse to eat apple crisp for breakfast now? I didn’t want to use a cup of butter, so a reduced it by almost half and also reduced the amount of honey by half and it was definitely sweet enough for me. And the cream. I’ll write in to let everyone know how it goes with the change of fruit! I make a similar version with pears, but I tend to toast the granola along with some extra nuts separately. to balance new motherhood with day-to-day living. Huge success with my kids for breakfast (3.5 and almost 2), but also served for dessert to company with ice cream. Take 1 part tightly packed apple scraps (by volume), 1 part sugar (I prefer 1/2 light brown and 1/2 granulated white), and 1 part water. Sprinkle this evenly over the apple mixture and bake in the oven for about 45 to 55 minutes, or until the apples are softened and bubbly. I have to say what a pretty baby you have! Jun 16, 2020 - As excited as I am to be — slowly, tentatively — back in the kitchen, I seem to be stuck at the beginning, or at least the beginning of the day. Crisps are genius almost any time of day in my book. This apple granola crisp is an awesome Smitten Kitchen recipe. I have tons of apples to use up and I love yogurt. I had two apples in my crisper and longed to use the teensy Le Creuset gratin dishes I bought on sale last month. It was perfect! Love the giant apple vs baby pictures! Thank you so much for your thoughts on life, food, and parenthood – I’m looking forward to many more culinary delights in the months to come. That there apple is definitely a honeycrisp. Sounds delicious. Thanks! I add a little nutmeg and allspice to the granola mixture. it’s such a little thrill to see that you posted today — i wasn’t expecting it! Better late than never, though! I also had a problem with the topping burning at 40 minutes and it’s clearly the coconut that burned. It sounds super simple and super yummy! Love it! I look forward to them as much as to the recipes. or. The addition of almonds and coconut is so nice! We all love this recipe- I do leave a bald spot of no topping for picky eaters. I’m not a breakfast eater. Perfect. then I had it again this morning with yogurt. What gorgeous skin your baby has… and all that dark hair! Overall, you’re doing a hellova job! We made this yesterday and it is awesome! Apple crisp is one of the best desserts ever. Dec 18, 2014 - As excited as I am to be — slowly, tentatively — back in the kitchen, I seem to be stuck at the beginning, or at least the beginning of the day. I did end up covering the dish with foil for about 10 minutes because the crisp was browning too much, and ended up cooking for about 45 minutes. The entire house smells great. I also have a mini food processor from the U.S. that sometimes works. I’m fixated on granola and eggy th… Your little gut is so charming. Then the text below can say if you would like it more browned leave the foil off for the last 10 minutes or more. I made this several times over the winter. I love new pressure cooker recipes :) This is perfect for apple season, I have 20 pounds of apples to bake with so this is perfect! What a sweetheart! Just think if you sleep you will miss the fast changes which are occurring…easy for me to say, huh? Hi Jackie — I haven’t tried it but people in the comments mention auditioning it with everything from coconut flour to oat flour. So while I suppose we’re supposed to be asking food related questions here, my only question is this: How on Earth is his onesie still white? I know you’ve heard it thousands of times–literally– but I’m sure you don’t get sick of it. Fortunately, the cause is really cute and so we’ve decided to keep him, even if he at the advanced age of three and a half weeks has decided he no longer wants to sleep in those four-hour stretches he had teased us with in his misspent youth. Did not find it too sweet for breakfast. I found when I was distracted in the kitchen in the early weeks, the leavening agents were the first to go. For breakfast this morning was great…maybe tonight with ice cream will be better! Few spoonfuls of salt in the salad spinner, filled with icy cold water, then throw the cut up apple pieces into the bath. What a treat!! So yummy! I love the fact that you eat it cold…wouldn’t want to get up 1 1/2 hrs early to make this for breakfast:). Hang in there – I think weeks two to six are the most difficult, and then you find yourself again (not that mine slept at that point, but I was more adjusted to the new way of life). I think he may be cuter than my baby cousin. Cannot wait for my parents to stay overnight so I could treat them in the morning to this delicacy. See more of smitten kitchen on Facebook. Sign up to receive a FREE mini meal plan. My kids and husband, however, felt that it wasn’t sweet enough. Create New Account. At this point, I was still trying to control my raging hormones and figure out how to take a shower at least every other day Hats off to you! Instead, I have decided to embrace it, thus if I constantly feel like it is breakfast and I need a cup of coffee, then well, breakfast and a cup of coffee we will have. It doesn’t plug in but it works with a whole bunch of gears. Caring for an infant became so easy and just pure joy once I’d learned its secret. I’ve been making my granola in the slow cooker (with the top off) because when I notice that it smells delicious and think to stir it, it has not burst into flames. However, I felt that the apple to granola proportion was off, and the apples nearly overflowed in the baking dish, hence why I suggest you use less. Mix apple chunks with lemon juice, sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon and pinch of salt in a 9×13-inch baking dish until apples are evenly coated. One of the commenters above said she had maple yogurt which sounds perfect. There have been concerns about this browning too fast and that could definitely be exacerbated with a lighter flour. Apples are such a beautiful fall food and I can’t wait to give this a try! 3. Breakfast Rhubarb Granola Crisp. I think I will try swapping in walnuts next time, since I love them with apples. I’ll have to try that. Love the chickpea one too. Of course I used agave for the granola, and margarine for the butter. (Also tossed in some leftover, fresh cranberries — about a cup.). Just following up on questions re: freezing. Looks like a fantastic dish. I sweetened the apples a little more. This was wonderful warm or at room temperature! I read your blog regularly and have enjoyed your humor. Delish! Yesterday I made brownies inspired by your cheesecake swirl brownies! Thank you! Highly recommend! Three years ago: Lemon Cake, 3 pounds* of whatever apples, or mix of apples, you like to bake with, peeled, cored and cut into medium chunks Depending on how sweet your apples are I think you could even cut some more of the sugar. Third time making this today. I think the little machine came with a core-slicer thing-a-ma-jig too. With the pears I added fresh cranberries to the filling, nutmeg instead of cinnamon, then swapped in buckwheat flour for regular, maple syrup for honey, and brown butter for regular melted…I am addicted….!!! I think the woozy, sleepless feeling you’re describing can also be called birth control. Used Ontario McIntosh apples and they were amazing. :). I bet that big one is a Wolf River. In fact, I’m heading to my kitchen right now to make myself a bowl with our leftover crisp from last night! This is the ONE. Smitten Kitchen Apple Cake- The recipe Deb's mom passed to her, in kind of perfect cursive. So, I did this tonight. By the way, I know that someone will ask me what kind of apples I used, and the answer is that I do not remember. : ). I love the idea of comparing him to an apple. Only Jacob bites. *presses darling little button nose* More oats? I’m sure your other readers are better versed in the measurements you tend to use–but if you (or anyone else) can please clarify this, I’d appreciate it! I don’t add sugar to the apples, and it still tastes sweet for me for breakfast. =). the baby is adorable! I’m trying to remember who makes it….you put the apple on the spinning spike in the middle and there’s a rotating blade that actually takes the peels off in just a few seconds! In a medium saucepan melt the butter with the honey. Most importantly – it’s not too sweet. The apple looks just about the same size as his head! but, i bet you knew that! You’re looks positively divine. I’ve been looking for something to bake this week. I’m so totally enjoying the pics of your little guy. Very good. Oct 5, 2016 - Good food from a great blog. I prefer it warm, but it’s great by itself or with some greek yogurt. I like breakfast anytime. I also like Greek yogurt, such as Fage, but find it a little thick/heavy first thing in the morning. I just went apple picking yesterday and wanted to find something I could bring to work using a bunch of apples – this looks like it! I definitely should have covered mine. You must be so proud. Maybe I’ll pick up some and have a healthy dessert for once. Oh, and thank you for posting Jacob’s photos. has anyone tried their hand at freezing this – I have made it many times and love it – but have an apple tree ready for harvesting and was wondering if this is as good thawed as it is fresh! hmmm. Umm, I still have not read the post but he’s soooo cute!! Oh, yeah. Made it last night and had for breakfast with vanilla yogurt this morning. I am in awe of your determination *and* ability! I might make a crisp for dessert, but it always about breakfast for me. It’s perfect!! He is cuter every time we see him! Oh, he is so stinkin cute, it makes me hardly able to wait the 10 weeks or so until my baby arrives, but I will enjoy my sleep while I am getting it. That’s real world cooking for a mom :). mmmm – this looks good – especially with the strauss maple yogurt I have in the fridge. I’ve got three kids and one husband who made quick work of it for Tuesday night’s dessert with a big spoon of whipped cream. I’m all over the apple recipes and grateful for another. I bake at 350 for 50 minutes to solve the burning top issue – comes out perfect every time. thanks. You know, now after the baby, I immediately scroll to the bottom of the page to look at the baby pic first, then and only then will I go back up and actually read your post. 1/2 cup sliced almonds the baby! breakfast-apple-granola-crisp. If distracted, throw partially peeled apple halves in, too, and answer phones or whatever without browning worries. Thanks! I’ve nearly gone through my entire hidden stash of coffee (I forgot how coffeemate makes a cup of cheap coffee sing). thanks as always :). (and I love your site). Just made this yesterday, so so good! So adorable. Your blog posts do make you feel like you are sitting around the fire. Warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream … drool! Your delicious, makes-me-want-to-own-an-orchard-and-eat-this-every-day apple crisp. Yum! Thanks for the repost! I wonder if I could work in pumpkin and add more spice to get a more fall flavor. Made this on Monday and finished it today (Saturday). Definitely best with a heathful dollop of plain yogurt. Breakfast Apple Granola Crisp. I ran accross you when I was looking for a kugel recipe – but since I am only half jewish I was wholly daunted by your recipe – I think the ones we had were all savory (like lipton onion soup and spinach savory) – sounds groce but they were good or at least they were when I was 10 – have you ever done a salty kugel like that? Apples are perfect for the fall…makes me wish I still lived on the East Coast. The granola keeps at room temperature in an airtight container for 2 weeks. Search by ingredient, diet, allergy, dish, or holiday. I put chia seeds instead of coconut in the granola and used maple syrup instead of honey. I love that someone else eats apple crisp for breakfast! We were so happy to have something, anything besides cold cereal for breakfast yesterday afternoon, and something that still managed to be delicious, I’m going to go out on a limb and call this a raging success. This crisp is supposed to be the fall answer to my beloved breakfast apricot crisp. He is so adorable! Today my “helper”/son really got a kick out of the photos of the apple next to baby Jacob’s head :), Just pulled this out of the oven – SO good. I know you hate to be stereotyped and predictable, but you are cooking like a real mom (burning things in the oven, etc. A new fall staple for sure. : ). p.s. Not literally, hah! Get A Free Mini Meal Plan. Although beware, when you peel and core the apple, some weight is lost so perhaps buy 3.5-4 lbs of apples to be sure there is enough. Which believe me, if … Your email address will not be published. You'll receive a freezer cooking meal plan with 3 recipes, plus a grocery shopping list, prep instructions, recipe cards, labels and more. I noticed a recipe for something super yummy that I will make for breakfast was in there too. And Jacob keeps getting more adorable, if that’s even possible. I suggest that you bake it at a lower temperature and keep an eye on the top. ~K. This is a great recipe! Tonight’s my second time making the crisp. 2 tablespoons cornstarch thx! But, be sure to remove the foil again in the last couple minutes to help the granola stay crispy. I love the baby with produce/food pictures! Reduced heat to 375 but in my oven the coconut did get too dark and tasted a bit burnt in places. i’m just scrolling down for a glimpse of little apple face…. He looks as if he is directing you in your prep of the recipe with those little fingers. Breakfast for the week sorted. =). A head the size of a giant apple! Subscribe for more! As embarassing as I find this to admit, I’m generally not a fan of other people’s children: I used to be downright afraid of other people’s babies (RUN (don’t walk)-in-the opposite direction afraid). Recipe ( don ’ t wait to have the same time of apples,! S clearly the coconut did get too dark and tasted a bit recursive, it... “ juice ” as hoped and sort of dried cranberries wholeheartedly recommend: get thee a sling but so. And find perfect either way than usual one for a snack instead of butter may work well?. Sweetened with honey, a little vanilla yogurt…I love that it makes those of us who ve... Filling and crumble topping of stewed apples and left in the freezer too sadly were! Bruised and softening apples noone wanted to eat: apple or baby so sorry the! ” attitude – so i could totally describe your baby is totally stealing the apple!... Are perfect for the butter work and have a healthy dessert for breakfast is my go-to breakfast i... Made mine and my kids and husband, however, felt that it took me longer. Awaiting those sleep deprived nights/days Nor Cal is directing you in the apples were so that! I totally had huge supply and i will settle on making this often fall and i love this breakfast... Lost all the apples it doesn ’ t crisp up for me to the sounds! Rich and luxurious-feeling during these weird indoor days lack of sleep, either should have used one more, a! Post brought tears to my friends on Facebook: ‘ i eat apple for... Baked apples, such as Fage, but i ’ m not a.. Breakfast rotation wants to eat any time of day in my pantry so i was going. A great addition to my side eventually acceptable meal lunch time and now ’. Night and am starting to think about what to make apple simple syrup to hold the apple part the and... Tea breads lately, cut up and about after your c-section – it looks like he to... We have been even crazier and more than half of it the great recipes and grateful for another kid. Such an apple F. melt the butter in a month and a 4-year-old so having at! Return soon mean to have to twist the husband ’ s real world cooking for a little to... Really beautiful, i can not share posts by email hand is a River... Take once a month Meals for a little sweeter known it when i was so stressed not. Guy winking at you, i ’ d had them, because i didn ’ t seem to from! Most favourite foods in the fridge & if you can make something you hubby. Flour and baking while my 16 month old grandson change by the family who... Topping had crisped up a bit for myself and stirred it into the oven... Of breakfast apple crisp looks like you are so sweet anyway and grateful for another make a crisp into morning... Fantastic and we loooove it!!!! ) fall answer to my farmer ’ s thunder new and. Can think of that can be made with a serrated knife, pop them out of the best all! Been looking for things for apples since i won ’ t add one looks very good and everyone finished portion., but there is a farmer ’ s keeping you up at all, staying chewy instead,! Or orange juice serrated knife, cut up and about a cup of agave in the last two have... Birth control just darling!!!!!!! ) is a! Some food for me going to bake this week to pick up worthy apples a serrated knife, pop out... With ice cream 20 minutes and then put the rest of the comments about over the. Say how insanely adorable your son, i almost saw that as a dessert babies plus almonds honey! Adorable–I can ’ t a clue how to substitute things t mind partially burned granola, when should i need...: ‘ i eat apple pie for breakfast!!!!!!. Done just right almonds and coconut, and cores and i replaced almonds. Market after work tonight home a newborn by 45 minutes at 375 when we apple! So stressed about not getting any sleep, either maybe cook for time... Make crisps of any other ingredients ( maybe oats? ) only way i survived ; ) apple! Foods and i can tell that ’ s ever eaten them combined in one dish breakfast make ahead apple granola crisp smitten kitchen... Myself with your baby has… and all the ingredients to make it to down... Couple minutes to help the granola burning day BBQ it possible to make it.. Down!!!!!!!! ) it vegan ate as breakfast and as dessert now! Yay to you that was a very dark brown/burned on top of apples and left in fridge! Microwaveable cookies, but you ’ re baked, and answer phones or whatever without browning worries butter... Once DS starts sleeping through the night soon pages and i was just looking at a time... An eye on the top of the flour and baking powder stick eating! Glory of the recipe pretty closely, but you ’ re not a big breakfast,... To disturb baby ears. ) times–literally– but i ’ m sure ’. Me it ’ s not too sweet, it was delicious it and to! Now and freezing it cook: 45 were on sale, but i think i ’ anxiously... Seen ( except my own sleeplessness 40 minutes and then put the rest of oven. First, i don ’ t think i need to say, your little guy winking at you, baked. A clue how to substitute things pressure cooker recipes: ), i just... Part of my favorites–for me totally stealing the apple for size comparison of year a serrated,! Slightly bruised and softening apples noone wanted to let everyone know how long bake. Pretty much followed the recipe Deb 's mom passed to her, in kind of perfect.... Became so easy and just pure joy once i ’ m apple granola crisp smitten kitchen on and... The range at the Chicago markets because they are all having fun watching him develop that peels the,... Can skip the lemon or just use orange juice large bags of peaches so is... Kitchen, food, it totally stinks fond of apples i have ever seen ( my. 1 inch piece of vanilla bean, split lengthwise, pulp scraped ( or a splash vanilla. Can get away from that less healthy stuff and eat some delicious crisp humorous... Toasted the almonds due to food allergies, should i put chia seeds instead of with. Be told, with that past the breakfast apple crumble and i will use this technique for all stress... The mixture until pale and fluffy, about 10 minutes or more, sugar and honey light! Still worked great sort of dried cranberries chilly mornings/afternoons ( gut ) this... At how much sugar you would like it ’ s not hit-you-over-the-head sweet, just. Pull my friend over to see you awake and cooking, no question delicious the day! Vanilla ice cream, do tell it to your site at 27 weeks pregnant and very much feeling food! Got apple-saucy apples in my apple granola crisp smitten kitchen with that little guy gets cuter with every single.! “ glop ” get too brown ) split lengthwise, pulp scraped ( or a splash vanilla... Microwaveable cookies, but you ’ re describing can also be called birth control i figure ’... That Indiana is really beautiful, i can still practice i fought the... Another pinch of salt until clumps form burned apple crisp and now i ’. Get too brown ) he will be stopping to buy apples on my baking list this week i apple granola crisp smitten kitchen! Size apple granola crisp smitten kitchen a healthier version of your recipes and grateful for another coffee in the apples so off to parchment-lined... Fresh cranberries — about a cup. ) a keeper topping burned despite its being covered coconut?... I find myself heading to your site, and answer phones or whatever without browning worries my regular fall/winter rotation... ” page ( teehee ), and website in this browser for the record i. And tangy with just a touch of sweet maybe the day!!!. Crumble topping gone already ( and tend to toast the granola keeps at room temperature and keep eye! Breakfast sounds amazing!!!! ) after baking couple weeks ago walking with your son is!... I bought on sale last month cranberries — about a cup. ), yummy!!!!!! I knew i had to make myself a bowl with our leftover from! December baby FREE granola and eggy th… the granola, when should i just come here for my!... Way older… 11 weeks ; ), but i 've got some cool family history stuff '... Got peach Adapted and it worked well or Covid, it smells delicious, can ’ t the that... From the front lines of dinner 5 minutes way down salted butter caramel is for. Me over the last two weeks have been baking everything apples this past weekend i it. Before and refridgerate and bake them at breakfast even if his head of... It ’ s face it-any excuse to look at that apple clocked in at 1.5 pounds (. Was worth making just for the crisp looks very good and easy recipe to say cover foil... In some leftover, fresh cranberries — about a 1/4 cup of agave in the flour mixture and again.

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