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To avoid crowds in public transport, an extra shuttle is available between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam. With a population Drugs on list two – soft drugs – are not illegal. Tourism in Amsterdam - Get the report with graphs and tables on! They can’t sell hard drugs either. Your email address will not be published. For camping sites: €1 per person per night. A typical visit to a coffee shop in Amsterdam. Did you know that addiction-care is free here? Based on that information, and with our permission, third-party advertisers can place cookies to enable them to show adverts which we think will be relevant to your interests while you are on third-party websites. Then this article with 10 tips for using drugs in Amsterdam is a good read for you! If you posses more you’ll get a fine. Tourists can still visit coffeeshops in Amsterdam in 2020 In the Netherlands we have a tolerance policy regarding the selling of cannabis (weed, hash, marijuana). Hotels, nightlife, museums, attractions, events and the best discount deals. Travel as little as possible. Which results into safer situations. Thu 16 Jan 2020 00.00 EST. We’re proud of our beautiful city, but this is a time to keep yourself and others safe by staying at home. Did you know that the Netherlands used to have its own legal cocaine factory in Amsterdam? Amsterdam is the capital, and most popular tourist destination in the Netherlands. Tourists can still visit coffeeshops in Amsterdam in 2020 In the Netherlands we have a tolerance policy regarding the selling of cannabis (weed, hash, marijuana). This means that even if you have less than the aforementioned amounts you’ll still be denied access to the party. When you get caught with these amounts the police can confiscate them, but you won’t get a fine. Drugs that are submitted to the employees of these organisations are analysed, if necessary in their laboratory. There are of course many stories of kids who are younger than 18 getting weed. For most tourists, day- or multiple day tickets are the best deal. Source: Jellinek. Here’s my top 11 basic travel tips for Amsterdam from a tourist turned local. Analytical cookies allow us to recognise and to count the number of visitors to our website, to see how visitors move around the website when they are using it and to record which content viewers view and are interested in. Tourist Guide to Amsterdam: What you need to know before your first trip to Amsterdam by a local March 14, 2018 by Karen 33 Comments Share or save this post for later Amsterdam » Coffee Shops » Drugs » Coffee Shop FAQ. The authorities will monitor compliance with the 1.5 metre rule and enforce it where necessary. Published Feb 19, 2020 7:44:37 AM (CNN)— Amsterdam is considering banning tourists from its infamous cannabis-vending coffee shops as the city explores new ways to … Here’s the answer: Cannabis in all its forms is allowed in Amsterdam. Weed tourism is controversial in some circles and there are worries that lax laws attract more than just the tattoos and scraggly beard crowd, encouraging drug traffickers to enter the market. Travellers arriving in Amsterdam from certain countries and regions with high coronavirus infection rates are strongly advised to self-quarantine for 10 days. For the latest information about flights to Amsterdam, please check The maximum amount of cannabis that you are allowed to have on you under current Amsterdam drug laws is 5 grams per person. The Dutch city is famous for its cannabis-serving coffeeshops, red-light district, quirky bars, and bizarre museums. Watch this before you visit Amsterdam How much is a joint? A licensed guide gives an informative tour and explains the liberal drug policy. We wrote that sentence before COVID-19 stopped tourists from coming to the Dutch capital. Amsterdam has more than a hundred coffeeshops to choose from, each with its own unique vibe, atmosphere, and style. Do Amsterdam drug laws differ between soft and hard drugs? Possession of hard drugs is illegal in the Netherlands but the drug laws allow for the possession of small amounts without legal consequences. Think of weed, hash and even different types of cannabis oils. Amsterdam’s red-light district is unrecognizable from a year ago, when tourists thronged day and night around bars, window brothels, coffee shops and souvenir sellers. (This article was last updated on 13 October 2020.). The huge growth in the number of tourists visiting Amsterdam has made any kind of perceived antisocial behavior seem far more intolerable. Public transport is still running, but there may be schedule changes. Squeamish tourists often assume the fish is eaten raw, but that is not the case. Selling cannabis in coffee shops is illegal, but not punishable. Meanwhile, a grassroots petition calling on Amsterdam city council to limit the number of tourists is nearing the 27,000 signatures required to force a referendum on the issue. All bike parkings in Amsterdam are owned by the city of Amsterdam or public transport companies. Arrange to be tested for coronavirus. Hash oil, by the way, is classified as a hard drug and thus totally NOT legal. In Dutch they are called “truffels” or “paddos” derived from the word “paddestoel” which is Dutch for mushroom. Amsterdam, a city of almost 850,000 inhabitants, had 17 million visitors in 2016, up from 12 million five years earlier. Leave any destination if you notice it is becoming difficult to keep a distance of 1.5 metres. Functional cookies record information about choices that you have made, and they also allow us to tailor the website to suit your needs. If you need to park more than a day, it costs 1,25. If you do this under the age of 18 you can be prosecuted. Call 0800-1202 to schedule an appointment. Use of public transport is for essential travel only. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Then read this article with 10 Amsterdam Drugs Laws. 1. Amsterdam mayor Eberhard van der Laan had strongly criticised the cannabis card plan, saying it would have "undone the advantages of Amsterdam's coffee-shop system" and chase away tourists. Are all Drugs Legal? Amsterdam Tourism: Tripadvisor has 1,852,225 reviews of Amsterdam Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Amsterdam resource. The mayor of Amsterdam says he will not ban foreign tourists from using the city's famous cannabis cafes, after months of argument over new drug laws. The oldest, still existing coffee shop in Amsterdam is … According to Geerte Udo, director of Amsterdam&partners marketing agency, … July 7, 2020 Amsterdam Street Food, Where to eat and drink Without a doubt, the Dutch street food most frowned upon by tourists, expats, and immigrants, is herring. The costs for these drug tests are 2,50 euro per sample. The fine for not wearing a face mask is 95 euros. Remain inside. Drugs users can visit an Amsterdam drug test lab and get their illegal drugs tested legally. The number of visitors to certain neighbourhoods, for example, De Wallen (Red Light District) will be actively monitored. The mayor of Amsterdam says he will not ban foreign tourists from using the city's famous cannabis cafes, after months of argument over new drug laws. On top of the current 7% tourist tax a fixed amount will be charged. Many a film has been shot in Amsterdam and today, the filming locations are simply waiting to be explored. Stay in your accommodation. Most events in Amsterdam (or the Netherlands) have a so called “zero tolerance” policy. Travel by bicycle or on foot for short journeys if possible. Your email address will not be published. Amsterdam’s unofficial tourism slogan: Come for the weed, stay for the hookers. You must use seat belts and child seats. People cannot gather in groups of more than four people from different households. For example, We also use cookies to save your language preference. The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) has issued a coronavirus protocol for business events in the Netherlands, which offers guidelines for organisers, suppliers and delegates of any meetings and events to follow. You don’t want to accidentally break the rules, do you? Them coffee shops is best for strong type strains. Please keep in mind that these regulations may change depending on how the situation develops, so check the City of Amsterdam’s website for the most current official guidelines. “Are drugs legal in Amsterdam?” That’s one of the most frequently asked questions by tourists. Some streets may be closed to ensure safety. Although since last year Amsterdam has one of the highest tourist taxes in Europe at €3 per person per night — added to the tax of 7% of the price of a … Emergency (police, ambulance, fire): 112 Police (theft and other queries): 0900-8844 / +31 343 578 844 Tourist doctor +31 (0)20 427 5011 HotelDoc +31 (0)63 090 0346. This overview answers the most frequently asked questions about drug laws in Amsterdam. T he authorities in Amsterdam have announced bold new measures to tackle tourist excess in the city centre, which one official has described as a “jungle”.. People will use drugs anyway, so it’s best to provide proper information and testing to reduce the potential amount of harm to society as much as possible. These cookies track your browsing habits to enable us to show advertising which is more likely to be of interest to you. Some travellers must be able to present a negative Covid-19 test result when travelling to the Netherlands. But there are usually no legal consequences. Amsterdam police officers make an arrest. Amsterdam is most famous for its canals that criss cross across the city, but it also has a rich history, interesting culture, and liberal vibe that appeal to all types of travelers. Sleeping in a vehicle is not permitted in Amsterdam for your own safety. A citizens’ initiative to ban tourists from coffee shops has not been passed by Amsterdam council because only the mayor can make a ruling on this subject. Amsterdam's zoning pan "Shop Diversity Center" prohibits new shops opening in the city center that mainly target tourists and day visitors, such as souvenir shops. 13x Amsterdam Red Light District Laws Before visiting the most fascinating area in the world it might be a good idea to get acquainted with the most important Amsterdam Red Light District laws. Yes, you can grow your own cannabis in the Netherlands. In 2018 alone, this city of less than a … There are over one million residents in the metro area. For more information visit the website of the Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD). For alchohol the legal limit is a promillage of 0,5. Coronavirus protocol: Starting June 1, 2020, all passengers aged 13 and over must wear a mask while boarding, during the trip, and while deboarding. Keep a distance of 1.5 metres between you and other people. They be knock you is on you bottom! Traffic Laws: A valid driver’s license issued by a Department of Motor Vehicles in the United States is valid for use in the Netherlands while in tourist or visitor status. Amsterdam's mayor has proposed a ban on foreign tourists buying weed under the city's relaxed drug laws as the city struggles to cope with tourism. The ins and outs of Amsterdam's booming cannabis tourism . These drugs (like cocaine, speed, XTC, etc) are considered to be more harmful to someone’s health. I be do lots of them there Marijuana when I is visit Amsterdam. It is forbidden to sell the cannabis that you legally bought or that you’ve grown by yourself. Source: Jellinek. If you choose to remove targeted or advertising cookies, you will still see adverts but they may not be relevant to you. Amsterdam may be a melting pot of art and culture, but it's known for sex and spliffs. Drugs in Amsterdam Tips For Using Drugs in Amsterdam (Last updated: 8th of April, 2020) Are you going to visit Amsterdam and are you planning to use drugs? Halfway 2019 we wrote the following: ‘In 2020 Amsterdam will be busier than ever before’. Please visit for the current travel protocols and regulations. Then check out this useful list with the 13 laws in Amsterdam […] The borders remain open. The covid 19 pandemic has kept Amsterdam as a tourist-free city for a couple of months now. © 2020 Amsterdam Red Light District Tours / Webdesign by BIRO. Are you going to visit Amsterdam or its area and would you like to answer a few questions about your trip? A fine of € 140 can be imposed. Amsterdam is and remains one of the most wonderful and cities in Europe, with an incredible feeling of freedom and equality, that’s why I keep coming back again and again. Information for travellers about coronavirus (COVID-19). List one is for hard drugs. Hallucinatory magic truffles are also allowed in Amsterdam. For more information visit the website of the Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD). In Amsterdam, hard drugs (like Cocaine, XTC, Speed, Ketamine, etc) can be tested anonymously and legally at the Jellinek or GGD drug testing service. If it’s not, someone could just go to another coffeeshop and legally buy cannabis from a different provider. Below you’ll find the legal amounts of drugs that you are allowed to have in your bloodstream whilst driving. They are working towards a communal policy for bike parking. For a national capital, Amsterdam … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. More good news for bikers in Amsterdam! Overview of the 15 most popular, famous and best Amsterdam Coffee Shops. Amsterdam Coffee Shop Directory. The Netherlands saw a record of over 19 million tourists in 2019, and that number was expected to rise higher this year. Did you know that 99% of all coffeeshops get their cannabis from illegal growers? Cannabis, sleeping pills, sedatives and Valium are all on list number two. Guide to public transport in Amsterdam. Current Dutch drug laws don’t specify a minimum age for the use of soft drugs. Amsterdam, Red Light District, Coffee shop The Bulldog First. This helps us to determine how frequently particular pages and advertisements are visited and to determine the most popular areas of our website. What is the oldest coffeeshop in Amsterdam? Selling cannabis in coffee shops is illegal, but not punishable. There is currently a limit on the number of people that can attend meetings and conventions, all attendees must observe RIVM guidelines. Please check here (Dutch only) for more information. No sales larger than five grams. The results were encouraging: If the feed showed the wait was around three hours, for example, i amsterdam’s post-trial research revealed that 50 percent of tourists … If the upward trend continues, the number of visitors could hit 30 million by 2025. The current Dutch drug law has within it two lists. In recent months, residents, businesses and tourists organisations have called for measures to help change Amsterdam’s international image. According to the city’s latest budget, tourist tax was expected to generate €197.9m for Amsterdam in 2020, a figure that is now unrealistic. However, it’s important to avoid busy places, so please keep this in mind when choosing your destination. Additional crowd control includes one-way traffic, additional traffic hosts and matrix signs. In defense of the Netherlands, lawmakers in Amsterdam have … However, now that Friday, December 18, 2020 Useful phone numbers. For updated information about the coronavirus measures at museums, cinemas, nightclubs, restaurants, bars and other attractions, check More Taxes For Tourists Although since last year Amsterdam … Some offer arcade and board games, some sell coffee and snacks, and others are pretty much just a service Observing the inbound visitor numbers to Amsterdam, the majority were British, American and German. Tourists can buy and enjoy weed, hash and … Are you considering using drugs in Amsterdam? Holland's New Marijuana Laws Are Changing Old Amsterdam By Winston Ross On 2/22/15 at 4:03 PM EST A tourist boat passes under a bridge in Amsterdam April 2, 2013. Amsterdam is known for its iconic canals, bike culture and museums, but many travelers visit to take advantage of the city’s notoriously lax laws around marijuana and prostitution. See Local laws and customs Everyone over the age of 14 is required to show a … That’s the benefit of coffeeshops: they all compete with each other and try to offer the best quality possible. With the border closures arrivals plummeted to a fraction of what they were in 2019. Women reach the 0,5 level even sooner. DON'T: Confuse Coffeeshop with Koffiehuis or Cafe. When visiting a coffee shop in Amsterdam for the first … The city has published new research by Amsterdam’s statistics service on the extent to which young tourists are motivated to visit the Dutch capital by cannabis, window brothels and budget flights.

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