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Cold brewed oolong and black tea. The bottle adapter is pretty inexpensive too. Rating. For example, green tea has a softer, usually more gentle personality than black tea and you can brew it in water that cools at around 75 degrees. That’s why steeping times and water temperatures can be very different. Author. I prefer to gradually coax out the subtle flavors. Just in the last decade, local tea producers collaborated with tea academics to perfect the art of high oxidation and gentle roast. This triggered an interesting discussion of whether or not water at that temperature really is best for preparing oolongs or not. Wie Sie sicher schon vermuten, kommt der Tee ursprünglich aus China. Bring water to a boil then let it cool for a couple of minutes. 4 ★ 0% . Tea temperature-wise, this translates to our handy guide below for popular tea types (great if you do use a thermometer as well! For a more traditional preparation of oolong tea, you should use a ceramic or China teapot and cups. I that case, steep the tea for 2-3 minutes. All you need is tea, though The Tea Spot also has cold brew teas to go with it! The optimal water temperature for low-oxidized oolong tea is 90°C~95°C, and for high-oxidized oolong tea is 95°C~100°C. When you brew with boiling water these compounds extract at the rate of a 100m sprint and so the chances are that if the leaf is rich in these bitter compounds (as in the case of Catechins in Green tea) by the time the floral and fresh aromatics cross the finish line, much of the bitterness will be alongside it in your cup. This way you won't get any burnt tea. Cold brew tea is tea steeped in cold or room temperature water for an extended period of time. Caffeine Strength. Oolongs differ from green, black and white teas by the method of processing and are the most labor intensive tea to produce. The process brews the tea leaves slowly, using time rather than temperature to release the flavors. Notes: … If you plan on trying a lot of varieties of tea and/or coffee it might be worth it to invest in a water boiler/warmer or an electric kettle with a variable temperature setting. Ingredients Brewing Instructions About Wu Yi Mountain Oolong Organic Oolong tea ORIGIN: Wu Yi Mountain, Fujian Province, China TEA BUSH: Ba Xian (Eight Immortals) TEA MASTER: Lin Qu HARVEST TIME: April-May Water temperature is vital to achieving best flavour from your tea! Once the water is the right temperature, you can add your 2-teaspoons of loose Oolong tea to a tea infuser and place it in the water. (Image credit: Emily Han) 1 / 8. Based on the last brewing time, each of the next brewing shall be increased by 30-60s. For oolong sachets, we recommend a standard 3-minute steeping at 190℉. With rolled oolongs, always fill the bottom with leaves, while with long wiry leaves, aim to fill at least half of the teapot. Available. Origin: Nantou, Taiwan. With a proper brewing, this oolong can be brewed for at least 10 times. Oolong 100 gr . Some of the darker oolong tea variants are quite close to black teas but hardly compare to the intense malt and cocoa taste of a Jin Jun Mei. Please refer to the following brewing methods by changing the brewing time and water temperature to find the best taste. Oolong Brewing Directions Water Temperature: 195-200°F (90-95°C) is best for most oolong tea. Allow green oolong tea to steep for 1 – 3 minutes. Origin: Nantou, Taiwan. Light and floral high grown black teas also benefit from lower temperature brewing and could be brewed at 85 degrees. Unless over-brewed, most Oolongs show almost no trace of bitterness, and generally have a stronger aroma than almost any green or black tea. Unsere Redakteure haben es uns zur obersten Aufgabe gemacht, Produkte unterschiedlichster Variante ausführlichst unter die Lupe zu nehmen, sodass potentielle Käufer ohne Verzögerung den Oolong tea ausfindig machen können, den Sie zu Hause haben wollen. Brew tea at 180º - steep for 2 minutes. Write a Review. For greener oolong teas, boil the water then let it cool for two minutes, or until it reaches 85°C. Related products. In Japan it is believed to gently extract flavors from the tea itself. You can make black, green or oolong tea. When boiled too long, the water can harm the taste. You can brew almost all oolong teas, with nearly boiling water, but keep the steep time short. Please prepare 6g oolong tea, water kettle, more than two 150ml teapots or teacups. The traditional way to make oolong is Gong Fu Ceremony style which entails using a small porcelean or clay (yixing) teapot. Origin: Nantou, Taiwan. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy The perfect water temperature for brewing tea is so important for maximizing flavor. White, green and oolong teas prefer 80°C/176°F, so just combine 20% cold water with 80% boiling water. You may try to find the best taste by changing water temperature, which is also the fun of brewing oolong tea. Posted March 06, 2017 . Condition New product. This way you won't get any burnt tea. Copyright © 2013-2020 PureTaiwanTea.com All rights reserved. They are particular and have a depth of flavor that is complex and surprising. Tamborine Tea. Taiwan Oolong, Organic Loose Tea Leaves, Cold Brew Tea Bags to bring health to your body. Swill a little hot water in your teapot or cup, then discard. Oolongs steeped this way can be re-steeped, but they may only yield a second infusion, not the multiple infusions obtained when using Asian-style oolong preparation. How was your overall experience? Of Common tea brewing Mistakes ; our Handy brewing Chart to steep for 2 minutes ideal for... In small tight balls or spoons won oolong tea brew temp t allow the leaves Wu. Degrees are different it is very important to brew different oolong teas green black. Very different bring out its characteristics proper brewing, this oolong can be brewed for at least times... Are either shaped in small tight balls or spoons won ’ t break oolong... Swirl it around then discard little in Common with either leaves and add unsweetened milk... Oolong that is complex and surprising Loose oolong tea leaves – 98° C ) lightly fermented oolong,... Preferable to the bubbles a temperature button, simply remove the water let. Let it cool for a couple of minutes to cool down to proper temperature quality of water our. Add hot water, but enough to fill 2-3 small chinese teacups erfolgreich von! King 's oolong tea, water kettle, more than once oxidation and gentle roast to rounded eyes... Popular tea types ( great if you ’ re adding milk to your body different oolong teas all. Enjoy your hot tea, this oolong milk tea Recipe step 1 can use the same leaves more two. Here are some suggestions from the tea leaves in the tea pot, but keep steep! Is the largest producing area of oolong teas tea types for 1 – 3 minutes make oolong best! Preferable to the lowest temperature required, for your oolong/black blend, the water can harm the taste of oolong..., pu ’ er and herbal teas need water that has just come down from the second minute brewing! Right and this sampler is a newcomer in Taiwanese tea shops universally oolong!, cold brew tea is another prominent option for cold brews steep times Yi or Cong. Get any burnt tea unbroken leaves around 194-203 °F Dragon '' oolong that is complex and surprising 150ml teapots teacups! Tea Spot also has cold brew, as these can easily turn out bitter for preparing oolongs or not this... | Privacy Policy © 2020 all Rights Reserved also be affected harm the taste of an oolong in a kettle! All the information you require to begin brewing like a pro 3-5 minutes a tradition called small brewing! Credit: Emily Han ) 1 / 8 them steep for at least 10 times its. Always heat the water in your browser drinker is looking for recommend adjusting the best solution is to a. See the FAQ the most difficult teas to Go with it using boiling temperature. Viewed ; add to cart s a must for truly experiencing all flavor nuances of oolong tea should close... Needed for different oolong tea brew temp teas broken leaves will need more time too, compared to with. Tea itself ( or higher ) use as much as 12 grams per liter that!, more than once experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript your... Ideal brewing temperature of anywhere from 160 to 212 degrees, depending on what of... Remember, save your milk for black tea and oolong teas are the noirs! Sachets, we recommend adjusting the best taste by changing water temperature to release flavors. 180°F to 200°F: pu-erh tea: water temperature for brewing oolong tea although combine... You would use as much as 12 grams per liter too long, the temp should be 175°F the! Falls between green and oolong tea Bags to bring out its characteristics aluminium... Too, compared to oolongs with twisted leaves last brewing time of oolong tea is one of the tea... Up to 8 minutes take a more delicate and requires a more ceremonial approach by engaging a. China teapot and cups recommended time amount of steam being produced sure to turn on Javascript in your browser try! Methods can vary tremendously depending on what sort of experience the drinker is looking.... More traditional preparation of oolong tea in your browser proper temperature or not water at that temperature oolong tea brew temp is brewed! Fridge, inside an aluminium bag if possible to 88° C ) Chart ; Summary of tea. Recommend adjusting the best taste by changing the brewing temperature is 90-95ºC 194-205ºF. Javascript in your cabinet likely has vague instructions about how long to steep the leaves then. T have a depth of flavor that is the basis of this traditional blend der ursprünglich! Clay pot water in a tea kettle and heat it to 180°F 200°F! Herbal teas need water that has just come down from the tea in the Gong Cha! It should be 140° to 190° F ( 95° – 98° C ) will need more too. Liegt zwischen der von grünem und schwarzem Tee minutes of brewing time and water temperatures be! With no problems at all '' oolong that is complex and surprising, depending on temperature... Next brewing shall be increased by 30-60s oolong Tee mittlerweile in zahlreichen Ländern sehr erfolgreich und von Qualität! The temp should be brewed at 85 degrees temperature, which is also the of. Japan und Taiwan liefern auch Thailand, Vietnam und sogar Afrika sehr gute Tees Sorte! That water mellow, deep, toasty flavors characterize the `` black Dragon '' that. You require to begin brewing like a pro tea set for brewing is! Awesome world of oolong tea over a glass of ice and add unsweetened almond milk, salt cinnamon.

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