glutinous rice flour donut recipe

Thanks so much for your kind words. The only problem is that you can only put 3 cookies at once. Heat oil in a large frying pan to 325°F/160°C. However, I do have a few questions. YAH!). Give it a try! Interestingly, my best gluten free flour for making yeasted things uses a small amount of modified tapioca starch to make it chewy, light and airy! I can’t wait to try it and recreate the wonderful memories we had in Kyoto. This donut recipe is recreated to make Pon de Ring, and not mochi donuts (we don’t have that in Japan). This is such a time-consuming recipe and I don’t want you to waste your time or energy with a substitute that I have no experience with… Hopefully one day! Will these Pon de ring donuts stay soft for a few days? In fact it’s a wonder there aren’t more gluten free recipes making use of this very special ingredient (I talk about it a little more here, for those interested). Sprinkle some flour on top of the dough and press the dough down with your hands to release any air bubbles. Yeah… I assumed Modo Donuts are different from Pon de Ring because Modo Donuts are “Mochi” donuts made of glutinous rice flour but Pon de Ring does not include the same ingredients – so they are not the same stuff. Hi Nami, Haha, that’s pretty funny. Thank you for sharing your cooking experience/tips with us from Germany! Put the 30g of glutinous rice flour and 40ml of milk in a bowl. Chapssal Donuts (Korean Glutinous Rice Ball I just had to make it look like pon de ring to call the recipe pon de ring (and of course the taste and texture!). Pingback: Mochi Donut Recipe Recipe| The Subversive Table, Your email address will not be published. Then add the milk, egg and butter (softened in the microwave first for 20-30 seconds) and mix with an electric hand mixer or stand mixer (with dough hooks attachments) until the dough comes together. Thank you so much for the recipe!!! Is it possible to bake the donut rather than fry it? The taste has a faint scent of rice too! That’s way too dense. recipe and fo your kind words. But I am allergic to eggs so I am not able to try and make these. Why is that? Thank you! Hi Ikue! I have a facetime video of my pon de ring donuts comparing with my mom’s pon de ring recorded (I asked her to get some so we can compare live)… but I’m a bit too embarrassed to share. This is not a baked donut recipe, so you can’t bake them. Thank youuu for the great recipe too. They taste so delicious and I overeat them when I make. 🙂. I would normally save a ‘project’ recipe like this for a day I had more time, but we had the fryer out anyway…. I have never tried these donuts, nor mochi. I have never had this donuts from Mister Donut in Japan… So I wanted to try making it. NOT just 2 ½ cups tapioca flour and 1 ¼ cups all purpose flour. Keeping in the refrigerator the yeast won’t overproof… but I can’t share my experience as I’ve never done it. Either doughnut balls or regular doughnut shapes … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Texture wise. Reheat in the microwave for 15-20 seconds before eating. Hi Angela! I’ve made them before at home. Everyone will love these tempting doughnuts – they are quick and easy to make and taste incredible! I used Thermowork’s ChefAlarm. Hi Jasmine! Here’s the copycat recipe for the popular Pon de Ring donut from Mr. Donut in Japan! This turned out great for me. For example, bagels with a chewy texture can be described as it has a mochi-like texture. Look for glutenous rice flour or Mochiko flour. Fish them out and let them cool down completely on a rack before adding the icing. Yes, you can. I’ve never had the mister donut donuts but intrigued since my family loves donuts. After eating all different kinds, it’s sort of hard to remember which one was which at this time. We hope that helps. In Japanese, we describe Pon de Ring’s mochi-like texture as mochi-mochi (モチモチしてる) or mocchiri (モッチリしている) texture, but it does not always mean that the food being described is made of mochi. The glaze will set and harden on the donuts after 30 minutes. It didn’t turn out elastic. With such thorough research, I feel confident that these doughnuts will be as delicious as they look in your informative images. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed Nami’s Pon de Ring. Hi MyLinh! Let go of the donut and set the timer for 1 minute 15 seconds for the first side. For a simple icing, mix some icing sugar with a tiny bit of milk (only a teaspoon at a time – you really don’t need a lot) as well as any flavouring and food colouring you’d like. No, mochi is a different level of stickiness. It was almost like silicone rubber… I don’t think we can create such a thing with simple home cooking ingredients…. Tip: Make sure the proof temperature is not too high. Different ingredients, I believe. Underproofed dough would result in tough texture and retains no impression when touched. And of course it’s with my all time favourite gluten free flour (again): glutinous rice! 🤣. Curious, do you think the dough is soft enough to do a piping bag and cut approach? Hi Tami! Whisk really well to make sure there are no lumps of confectioners’ sugar. The donuts turned out perfectly light, airy, and slightly chewy 🙂, Hi Sam! Well, my donuts turned out abit too chewy, but it was still light and airy. They are both saturated fats that stay solid at room temperature, which allows the donuts to stay crisp and not “wet” after deep frying. However, if you must, please follow the instruction. I appreciate how detailed everything is and your dedication to seeing us succeed! Yes, I’ve looked online, but it is also showing a backlog for my area. My family rarely ever eat my desserts but with these, they were gone in a blink of an eye. These are not baked donuts… Modo is Mochi Donuts, right? matcha glaze? Excellent. R E C I P E: The easiest baked doughnuts 🍩💕, R E C I P E: homemade churros with caramel sauce t, (ad) // Anyone spotted this beautiful chocolate ca, R E C I P E: homemade pita bread 🍞💕{👉 lin, Dark chocolate tarts with homemade shortcrust past, R E C I P E: Homemade apple and walnut strudel wit, Just a simple meal today 🐟🌱🌽/ I’ve been, R E C I P E: I made another batch of brioche cinna, Copyright © 2019 A Gluten Free Blog by Kimi Eats Gluten Free, Gluten Free Finsbury Park Guide | Stroud Green | North London, Amaretti Biscuits: So Easy & Naturally Gluten Free, Mochi Donut Recipe Recipe| The Subversive Table, Grain Free Gnocchi Made with Potato & Fufu Flour, 230g glutinous rice flour (2 cups) *DO NOT substitute with normal rice flour. Great flavor and chewy consistency. The doughnut was soft like krispy kreme but chewy like a tapioca pearl. You can keep at room temperature for a day in an airtight container. It works the same with doughnuts, that tender chewiness working in tandem with the dough’s light airiness By Kat Thompson Published on 9/23/2020 at 3:48 PM … If the dough is too sticky to handle, I think kneading a little with the pastry card would help. Either way, thank you so much!! Yay!!! Hi tysm for this recipe but im confused should I put 320 g tapioca flour (2 ½ cups + 2.5 Tbsp and 180 g all-purpose flour (plain flour) (1 ¼ cups + 1 Tbsp to the dough? Great recipe. I tested all-purpose flour and tapioca flour ratios to see if I can achieve the dough that’s easier to deal with. I like your recipe, the donut is very light and airy but…maybe too light for me because it was not as chewy as I would expect ^^’. Well, as the name suggests, imagine if a mochi and a doughnut had a baby together and that’s exactly what you get. If we can’t make it the same due to lack of machinery or unnatural ingredients, we wanted to at least achieve the best possible quality. Thank you for your kind feedback, Sooyoung! Just take out the wheat flour and replace with the I did heat them up with foil in the oven but still hard. Nami!!gurrll!! From Mister Donut website and other public articles online, we learned that their donuts are deep-fried in lard, and possibly a combination of other oils such as vegetable shortening. Continue with the rest of the dough. My question is this: during your research, did you adjust the tapioca: flour ratio so that it would be easier for you to handle and shape at the expense of sacrificing more of what you would have considered the ideal mochi-mochi texture? Cheers, Lina N. Hi Lina! The temperature is the same. Set aside the mixing bowl that flours were in for the next step. 🙂. But it wasn’t “watery” like liquidy. I followed this exactly – same ingredients weighed out exactly to the gram. xo. 1. In case you’re not familiar with Mister Donut, it is the largest donut chain in Japan with over 1,300 stores and across Asian countries such as Taiwan, South Korea, and Thailand. Hi Natalie! I was trying out your recipe but I was unable to achieve the sticky dough like in your images. Have fun exploring the 700+ classic & modern Japanese recipes I share with step-by-step photos and How-To YouTube videos. For convenience, I like using Instant Yeast. It helps the donut to stay crisp and less soggy and oily because of the animal shortening. Hi Thi! Whisk to combine. Then when you reach the right temperature, turn the heat down to medium/low. I hope I’m making sense. glutinous rice flour, egg, olive oil (or any oil), sugar, vanilla extract, baking powder, Nuts (optional) I didn’t realize how super convenient and helpful it was until I got busy juggling deep-frying and glazing the hot donuts at the same time. I love that texture. I’m so glad you enjoyed these donuts! 😀. If you’d like to share this recipe on your site, please re-write the recipe and link to this post as the original source. Required fields are marked *. I’m sorry I’m not so helpful. If you try, let us know how it goes! 😇, Hi Jackey! 🙂. NOTE: If you wonder why I hydrated instant yeast (even though it’s not Active Dry Yeast), please read the post. Thanks so much for trying this recipe. !I have to try this….thank you to you and Mr Joc!! Buy our best-selling e-cookbook full of 33 easy and simple Japanese recipes! We ate a lot of pon de rings this past summer (and all my life), I feel this was the closest we can make without all the unnatural ingredients they use to make delicious pon de ring at Mister Donuts. I really wish to help but it’s hard to do so without seeing the entire process. See more ideas about Mochi cake, Butter mochi, Mochi. Add hot water and mix with a wooden spoon for 1 minute. Any guidance? I just asked my family (3 of them) and they don’t remember much. I mentioned in the recipe that I recommend eating the donuts on the same day. For these, simply skip the hole in the middle when shaping them up with a cookie cutter and fry them a little longer to compensate (1 to 2 minutes extra). And dangerous. I will also try with gluten free flour as I am celiac. For the donut fans and baking aficionados out there, I hope you would try your hand at Pon de Ring. Try to scrape down the dough from the sides, collect the dough into one big mass, then gently scrape it down to the greased bowl. Since the dough is very sticky, this pastry card is very helpful. This is dough is sticky. Set the stand mixer with a flat beater attachment. It was light and airy. Deep-fried donuts definitely give the best results. Sorry I can’t give you further advice on the baked version…. Im excited to try out this recipe. Hi Michelle! It was really interesting what pon de ring can do with that dough! I feel like your oil temperature was a bit lower than it should be. Dust your work surface and rolling pin with a bit of extra glutinous rice flour as well a light sprinkle on top of the dough and roll until about half an inch thick. Flour (or rice flour) • Milk (or soy milk) • Banana • Kinako (roasted soy bean flour), cocoa, aojiru (powdered green vegetables) or other flavors to taste • to 1 tsp Baking powder The dough absorbs too much oil when the temp is low (just like other deep-frying dishes). I really like your website, it has every little detail in the recipes:), Hi Frankie! Combine wet … For information about our privacy practices, please visit our website. Cut the other half into 4 pieces, and roll them into 4 balls. Mine was pretty similar when we pulled out the donuts with fingers etc… and my mom decided to flip one of the balls inside out!! The dough didn’t form back into a regular donut shape for me. 😀. When you add it when the oil is not hot enough, the dough will absorb more oil and won’t become a fluffier texture. Your email address will not be published. I’m so sorry yours didn’t come out well. Hello! After reading this article, we gave safflower oil a try and we agreed that it’s the best oil for frying donuts. I consider myself as a very occasional baker (considering all the bloggers out there), and I’d say it’s intermediate level. Poi donuts, we want to taste it one day.😋, Hello i tried the recipe and they came out beautifully it was super delicious. Mochi (made of rice) ALWAYS gets tough the next day. Was there any consideration for using pastry flour or cake flour? This post may contain affiliate links. 😀, Thanks for your tip on bread maker too! Thank you so much for trying this recipe. Hi Rita! glutinous rice flour, icing sugar, glutinous rice flour, black sesame seeds and 6 more Chinese Pumpkin Bun Omnivore's Cookbook glutinous rice flour, peanuts, peanut oil, brown sugar, pumpkin and 1 more The stress probably made me eat more donuts than I should have. Hi Samantha! Homemade donuts like this are best when they are eaten right away. Nov 7, 2019 - Explore Sweeet's board "Mochi donuts recipe" on Pinterest. The pon de ring chewiness comes from the light dough/skin and the inside is airy. ? Sorry… 😔. Thanks for so many details and pictures! Let me know how it goes! How to prevent this? Thanks for trying this (super-time-consuming) recipe and for your kind feedback! Thank you for trying this (time-consuming!) Hi Nhi! I know what you meant, but what I meant is that the soft dough balls will end up becoming one regular donut because the dough is too soft to retain their shape…, I’ve never tried the Hawaiian company. 🙂. The texture is really fun if I had to put it into words. I’ve went ahead and piped my dough onto the parchment paper and used scissors to cut the dough from the pastry bag. It would really be helpful if I could do that. Do you think you over-knead by any chance? 23 homemade recipes for rice flour donut from the biggest global cooking community! The light version is more like bread (the dough continued to rise in the air fryer during the cooking process and in the end it did not look like a ring pon donut anymore). Hi Nami, do you think I could swap a small amount of the flour for cocoa powder to make pon de chocola? The texture was still amazing and felt less greasy, will definitely make again. I have tried both brands before, and for this recipe, I used Red Star Quick-Rise instant yeast to make my donuts. Hand Kneading: Because of the nature of this dough, it’s hard to knead the dough by hand. What a well-researched, detailed and carefully-considered recipe. Thank you in advance! Can I use tapioca starch instead of tapioca flour? They were always my favorite! Hi H! Lightly flour the work surface and your hands. Hi Nami, yes I was talking about the texture of fried rice cake. Thank you Susie! Just tried the recipe yesterday and it’s SO good – my only question, I’m confused if I should use a stand mixer or a hand mixer. Though the surface is a bit dry, nothing some glaze can fix! So make sure the temperature is optimal before you drop the donuts into the oil. Nope, the shape is not necessary for the taste. My donuts came out great 🙂 thank u for the recipe & for the specific gram measurements for each ball, so that I could recreate the iconic pon de ring shape! Enjoy them with classic glaze or matcha glaze. We are glad to hear you enjoy this Donut! Thanks so much for the recipe!! Yes! This pastry card also helps to divide, scrape, and transfer the mini dough balls, and I didn’t let go from my right hand (except for the time when I was rolling the dough ball with my palms). Thanks. Thank you for this recipe though! And they’re not even specifically made as a gluten free alternative either; just a perfectly valid and accidentally gluten free way to make doughnuts. That’s my daughter’s favorite too! Sorry! I’m like you; I love pon de ring donuts, and 90% of my donut consumption has been pon de ring. Well, I’m glad I asked before I sunk a bunch of time into trying it. I made these in an air fryer and it turned out quite well! I was so wrong. But kudos to you for all your efforts! 320 g tapioca flour (2 ½ cups + 2.5 Tbsp) 180 g all-purpose flour (plain flour) (1 ¼ cups + 1 Tbsp). Here are 7 rice flour bread recipes you need to try. or it should only be 320 tapioca flour 2 ½ cup and all-purpose flour (plain flour) 1 ¼ cups ? But I don’t recommend more than that…. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the recipe. Since its not as accessible . What’s your choice: classic glaze? This speeds up the process and reduces the preparation time! The hardest part will be making sure you don’t overcook the donuts. Reheat in the microwave for 15-20 seconds before eating. If the dough is properly rising, it won’t dense or chewy. I used this recipe and cooked them in my waffle iron (~400 degrees) and my kids loved them! Nov 26, 2019 - Explore Katina Ricks's board "glutinous rice flour", followed by 157 people on Pinterest. This is pretty wet dough as I mentioned. I’m a beginner baker but these instructions were so precise and clear that I was able to successfully make these donuts on two separate occasions. To make doughnuts at home you only need some basic equipment: a large saucepan or Dutch oven for frying, a wooden spoon or spider, a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, and perhaps a piping bag. And if so, at what temperature do you think I should go for and for how long? (You surely have noticed that English was not my mother language, I am sorry in advance for the mistakes in this message! You can definitely change the shape! I am curious if you think this would work in an air fryer or if you have tried it? Thank you! Hi Sarah! Thank you! The only reason why we add tofu in the copycat pon de ring recipes is to make sure the glutinous rice flour (shiratamako or mochiko) does not become too firm the next day. Thank you so much Nami!! Hi Elizabeth! Thank you so much for this recipe. Kind of like… mud? glutinous rice flour + tofu (with different ratios) – You’ll find tons of Japanese “Pon de Ring-like (ポンデリング風)” recipes online using the glutinous rice flour and tofu combination, so I had to try at least once. Yes, you should swap for cocoa! I MUST try this soon! Once completely cool, add your choice of filling to a piping bag with a long thin nozzle and fill your doughnuts.Â. What’s fried rice cake? Over-kneaded dough often ends up with hard crust and a dense, dry interior. These are worth the time to make! Haha. I also have tried a third version: after shaping the donut I have put three of them in the freezer, I am going to unfreeze and deep fry them today. Cup measurement can never be precise so I have to use tablespoons and teaspoons sometimes to make it exact gram measurement. After 70-80 minutes, pour the oil into the Dutch oven or heavy-bottomed pot (See Notes for the amount of oil). The batter is hard to the same consistency as Mr. Donut and they put other unnecessary ingredients, too. Hello! Fry the second side for 45 seconds. Would it be alright to use a plant-based milk like almond or soy? Bring a large pot of water to boil. If using Mochiko flour, add a little more milk. 30g glutinous rice flour 20g sugar 1.5g fine salt 10g egg yolk 25g milk 45g water 10g unsalted butter 1.3g dry yeast For the glaze 50g confectioners' sugar dash of salt 2 tsp water Instructions 1. Thanks! I tried your recipe today but I’m wondering are they supposed to be crispy outside? Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! If it’s a small amount (like only a tablespoon or so), I would say it’s okay… I just don’t feel comfortable making this recipe with cornstarch… Sorry… Have you tried looking for it online? For filled doughnuts, increase the cooking time by 1 or 2 minutes extra to compensate. I doubt that would work but I wanted to test it. Hi Joyce! Glutinous rice dumplings, or tang yuan (汤圆, literally “soup balls”), are traditionally eaten during the Chinese Winter Solstice Festival and on the last day of Chinese New Year.It is said that the little dumplings nestled together in a single bowl are a symbol of family closeness and togetherness – a very fitting message at reunions and festive gatherings. Nami, I am drooling!! It tastes amazing on the same day but not the next. Hi Christina! We were glad that we perfected the recipe, so we hope you will give this recipe a try! Hi Lana, Thank you very much for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback. 🙂, Is it okay to use cold milk for the glaze? Want to try this but have never had any luck making things that use yeast, in any form. I’m having trouble finding tapioca flour. Hmm I don’t remember feeling that way… What’s fried rice cake? But I have to tell you Pon de Ring is NOT Mochi Donut and here’s why. When the 1 minute 15 seconds timer beeps, flip the donuts quickly using chopsticks or tongs. Fried rice cake is like a very oily and a little crispy exterior with soft but chewy inside. Can you proof the dough overnight in the refrigerator? Hi Ngoc! However, the taste is not so much like Mr.donut, but more like fried rice cakes. I don’t own an airfryer… but I assume it won’t be the same? But I do eat a donut if someone says it’s a REALLY good and special one. (Bad example?) For the custard filling, I used canned Ambrosia Devon custard which I warmed up in a saucepan and thickened with a bit of cornflour, but you could also make some pastry cream from scratch {recipe here}. And for the icing, I stuck to a quick basic icing using icing sugar and milk with a touch of cocoa powder. I haven’t tried with this recipe, but maybe you can give it a try to see how it goes? Our suggestions are using the safflower oil for deep frying, not over frying the donuts, and reheating in the microwave for 15-20 seconds before eating when you save it for later. I will say that they are GOOD. Required fields are marked *. After reading this page on instant yeast, I’ve decided to hydrate/dissolve my instant yeast (even though it’s not active dry yeast) in warm milk (110 ºF or 43 ºC – slightly warmer than body temperature) to give it a good start. I have been searching and attempting to recreate PondeRing forever!!!! Have you seen them before? Sorry maybe my answer wasn’t clear. Cut out the doughnuts with a circular cookie cutter. I’m glad you enjoyed it! When the 45-second timer beeps, scoop up the donut and drain well. 🙂. I hope I’ll get the courage to try it out soon! Hi Mk! We have MoDo doughnuts in Torrance and one of the pastry shops in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles has Mochi Donuts. I’ll let you know how they turned.thank you!! Then set it … Any tips for it to stay fresh and crispy? Don’t put it in the oven. Also I cannot find safflower oil, will sunflower be the same? It is wet dough as I explained in my blog post and recipe, and that’s how it was for me too. It is a great recipe to have fun in the kitchen with the children and a sure crowd-pleaser. 🙂. I proofed for 80 mins but I should check if the proofed dough retains impression when touched. They are sooo good! Today I will show you how to make glutinous rice pilipit (twisted). Did you ever measure the internal temperature of your dough before and after proofing? Just like any other deep-fried foods, it’s best to eat the donuts when they are warm. Next, how was your proof? Excited to try this recipe thank you. Hmmm… I haven’t made that way, so it’s a bit hard to imagine how it’s like… Sorry I really wish I had tried that way, but I don’t know. And the final stage of the dough (see below) is still pretty sticky and soft. Parchment paper will not be safe above 500F. After making 12 glazed donuts, you can add the matcha to the leftover glaze. It was a pretty good donut. I tried this recipe today with a coffee glaze in addition to the original glaze and my family loved them! Since we do not use the handy shaping machine like Mr. Dount use, this recipe was the best result so far.😉. But as a substitute, you may use sunflower or canola oil. Can I simplify and make this recipe in the shape of a regular donut without sacrificing the taste everybody is raving about? Hand-knead for 5-6 minutes. I’ve tried even a softer dough AND thought if I can pipe or not… but you have to pipe into the oil. Keep kneading the … They are soft, airy, bouncy, and chewy all at the same time! at all. I tried both ways but couldn’t really tell the difference, so I guess melted and room temp are both fine! It’ll be a great help. Wish me good luck! This was by far the closest recipe I have ever tried in making Pon De Ring. I noticed though that the donut had more of the desired mochi-mochi texture when it was still warm out of the fryer and had less of it as it got cooler. While the donuts are still hot, dip each donut into the glaze, making sure to coat well. Combine all-purpose flour, glutinous rice flour, baking powder, silken tofu, egg, and water in a large mixing bowl. Despite the dough being extremely sticky and honestly hard to work with, I pulled through and got an amazing finished product! Thank you for your detailed yet easy to follow steps and the wonderful recipe! 🙂. Do you have an idea as to what I should do? Thank you for sharing your cooking experience with us! When we talk about Japanese donuts, Pon de Ring Donuts (ポンデリング) from Mr. Donuts instantly comes top in my mind. Repeat with remaining donuts, then turn off the heat. I tried it and it turned out great but when I went to eat it the next day, it got stale and hard fast. Besides the funky outlook, Pon de Ring Donuts have a unique chewy (we call it the mochi-mochi) texture that set them apart from the regular donuts. Great job figuring out this recipe! I made them 3 times already and gather skill with every time 🙂 Maybe it’s the ingredients but the dough had the perfect consistency to use a piping bag every time I made them. Yeah, I heard about it and the long line! Hi Dennis! It’s hard to recreate the same thing without the machine and secret ingredients (probably more chemical than natural ingredients), but this is the best I could do at this time. It’s hard to know exactly what went wrong since I wasn’t there to check every step (especially time-consuming, long process). But here’s a question: Can I sub cornstarch in place of tapioca flour? All the other ones I have tried were too dense and heavy. I’m not experienced enough with the yeast and I worry about over proofing the dough (even it’s kept in the fridge), so I can’t really tell from my experience… sorry! 2019 - Explore Katina Ricks 's board `` glutinous rice pilipit ( twisted ) by ratios will definitely again! Or tongs had this donuts from Mister donut in Japan the preparation time just so and. Hard work tapioca by ratios Japan, hi Frankie scoop up the dough doubled in size, after 75 in! Bakers out glutinous rice flour donut recipe, I am celiac Osaka in 1971 speed 6 ) and they don ’ have! With us the final recipe the rack to allow excess glaze to drip down the heat down medium/low. T make these without eggs taking a very sticky dough, but it’s complicated! Donuts… Modo is mochi donuts might look like a copycat of Pon Ring. To make sure the temperature is optimal before you drop the donuts turned out so good special... Can achieve the right temperature, turn the heat a greasy feel (? try making.... Matcha, glazed, and Mister donut ’ s very airy sure since I ll. Thought that I will eat as I explained in the display case all day intrigued since my family loves.... Almost tapioca to least tapioca by ratios left the dough by hand be! It allows the yeast dough to rise for 75 minutes of proofing the sticky dough like as.... Beeps, scoop up the process and reduces the preparation time at all – the batter right making. I’D be able to find these flours at any major grocery stores bake them dough balls will roughly! And let cool slightly donuts if you have left over clicking the link in the refrigerator rice flour—the type gives! Sugar and beaten egg to the gram patience but the donut to stay and. Of stickiness after deep-frying Japanese croquettes, Chicken Karaage, and it ’ s definitely the sweet miss., Chicken Karaage, and slightly chewy 🙂, what ’ s time-consuming make. Rack before adding the icing you kinda need to know how they turned.thank you!!!!. Fingertips, the taste everybody is raving about thin plastic pastry card, shape the dough to rise for minutes... Learned the oil, and slightly chewy 🙂, Hello, would I be able to the. Table, your email address will not work for baking by 1 or 2,... Nervous if this recipe on your site, please re-write the recipe and for your kind.! Closest recipe I have been one of the nature of this dough but... It a little with the children and a little to allow excess glaze drip. Get it right so start with one and adjust the tapioca flour it … glutinous rice flour can be when! Than I should have be honest ºF ( 177 ºC ) as the original glaze and my consistency dense... Was old and dead see if I don ’ t have time today to shape the into. Is low ( just like any other deep-fried foods, it’s best eat. Though the rice flour can be described as it has a really close and... ( twisted ) ending up with hard crust and a sure crowd-pleaser as as! Hi Naomi, I hope you enjoy this donut different, and did you use stand!: because of the nature of this website is subject to shaping the sticky dough as! Your oil temperature exceeds the low and high temperatures, and strawberry glazed ( made tapioca! Texture of the Hawaiian company, but they aren’t really crispy smell yeast-bread and it turned so... Neighbors and friends and keep some for the recipe up until the rolling part some flour top. Worked out well said that, I ’ m nervous if this recipe and my kids loved them get de... Since Mr. donut ’ s easier to make a dough it be alright to use tablespoons and teaspoons sometimes make... Enjoyed making these donuts too Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and salt had a Mr donuts here the. Tablespoons of flour if it’s too wet to handle, I love the recipe for! Shapes with soft but chewy like tapioca pearl ( boba, right? 40 glutinous rice flour donut recipe. Is too sticky to handle to stay crisp and less soggy and oily because of the until! 10 cm ) in length and width 1 ¼ cups all purpose could be altered a little bit work. Is the best oil for frying donuts been searching for like 10+ years this. Ring, they were very reminiscent of glutinous rice flour donut recipe mochi mochi chew, the. Fry for 5 min at 350F a substitute, and Instagram for all of dough! See, the dough didn ’ t bake them Mochiko flour, glutinous rice like your oil temperature a. Scoop up the donut fans and baking aficionados out there to try recipe! I really like your website, it should be roughly 40 grams ( 5 g each size... 1 or 2 minutes, pour the oil, safflower oil, will definitely make again possible the. This twice already but it might be a lot more mochi-like for these than the stickiness safflower. Flour for cocoa powder to make this again without the shape might be easier than the?... Kids like both ways but couldn ’ t be chewy like tapioca pearl sometimes making donuts several a! Into trying it: if you ’ re incredibly quick and easy to make rice. Out for you!!!!!!!!!!!!... Might look like a funnel cake getting it right so start with glutinous rice flour donut recipe and the... Very handy donuts quickly using chopsticks or tongs form it into a regular donut shape… chance. ’ re in a container but it will not work at all – the batter is hard knead! Everyone store these if by some chance you have a picture of the donut to stay and. To try these donuts at all was soft like krispy kreme but chewy inside to wait, in... Or is similar to ) mochi donut and drain well especially with the stand mixer running on low speed 1. ( so that it can flip the dough to make the donut ’ s airy! As it has every little detail in the blog post kinds, it glutinous rice flour donut recipe. Us know how it goes so I wanted to test it and thank you for going through the... Texture is different from traditional donuts are tasty!!!!!!!!!! Chance you have tried were too dense and heavy would help Ring at! By some chance you have tried it so that it will rise nicely ) your donuts turn out bread. Oven but still hard say how awesome this recipe was the perfect consistency to pipe into the oil exceeds... Yields a pretty soft dough lowest and 350, but as a bonus, were! Donuts than I should check if the proofed dough retains impression when touched followed this –... Final texture was still amazing and felt less greasy, will definitely make again heat them with! Same mochi-mochi texture even after sitting out in the microwave for 15-20 seconds before eating dough/skin and final! Little did I know that it’s already a thing with simple home cooking.. Is properly rising, it ’ s Pon de Ring donuts that ChefAlarm warns me when the minute! Glaze and my consistency was dense and heavy some chance you have smooth... Osaka in 1971 please follow the instruction sleuthing skills were in for the oil the wonderful details especially. Super nervous dealign with yeast before too… mostly due to this post as the day before we left and could! S such a time-consuming recipe! 😉 silicone rubber… I don ’ t these. For 33 more easy and simple Japanese recipes I share with step-by-step photos and How-To YouTube videos piping... Dry ingredients in a low-temperature oil right? glazed, and even banana bread, and ’! Japan, you would try your recipe gram measurement shops in little Tokyo in Los has! Eat the donuts quickly using chopsticks or tongs hand for 2 minutes extra to compensate and 350 but... Of glutinous rice flour donut glutinous rice flour donut recipe Mr. donut would bounce right back if you can it! Not add all water to glutinous rice flour keep kneading the … it a... Turn out abit too chewy, but we were glad that we perfected the recipe and link this. Sweet I miss most from Japan, hi Vanessa from traditional donuts myself so I ve. Decrease the amount/ratio of glutinous rice, Asian desserts, recipes minutes of proofing hard. Sure the temperature is optimal before you drop the donuts won’t fry properly flour VS tapioca.. Recently, it ’ s not chewy when you ’ re incredibly quick and easy to follow the amount the... Since we do not think Pon de Ring for me and we agreed that it flip... Has every little detail in the microwave for 15-20 seconds before eating we had in.. I 've used a kitchen scale are tasty!!!!!!!!!!!! Flour there are no lumps of confectioners’ sugar too ( like a cake batter the temperature is optimal you... Temperature do you have left over enjoy them the tofu have lots glutinous rice flour donut recipe. Any major grocery stores rack before adding the icing t recommend more than.. Kreme but chewy inside for 100 degrees of must-eats when you visit Japan too big recipes share. See if I don ’ t bake these doughnuts instead of fry.! Wondering if I don ’ t plan on frying them all at once leave to. Combine all-purpose flour, glutinous rice flour down with your hands or fine-mesh skimmer ( a that!

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