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Where would we be now? Summary: In episode 239 we welcome our guest, Chris Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of EnsoData. Were you still in school at this point? Chris:, we publish blogs. EnsoData was founded in 2015 by Chris Fernandez, Sam Rusk, Nick Glattard. Chris Fernandez is the co-founder and CEO of EnsoData, a company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify the process of accurately diagnosing health conditions. And then there’s a raffle and kind of what order you get to choose it. It was really amazing to see that. And so it’s excellent. We’re gonna go get real jobs.” We’re just playing chicken against the end of our own personal financial runway. You can see my cup which randomly I have today. But we recognised that if we really wanted to build a company applying AI to the heart of diagnosing and treating patients, that having, you know, regulatory competencies, both in terms of FDA and in terms of data privacy was really something that needed to be a core competency. Chris: The entire thing, really. In episode 239 we welcome our guest, Chris Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of EnsoData. Same platform but with new and improved features. UCSF false alarm study showed that 90% of the alarms that went off in cardiac ICU were false alarms. It’s a circus, absolute circus, but it’s a circus where everybody’s all at one time. Researchers estimate there’s more than 50 million patients in the U.S. also over 80% undiagnosed, and particularly in critical access, rural and underserved communities, you know, under-diagnosis can approach 95% or more. We called every single sleep clinic in the Midwest to do that, talked to them on the phone. Meb: Awesome, Chris, people wanna find out more about what you guys are up to. Everybody’s looking for partnerships, and it’s kind of a circus. Had you graduated? So I think that we feel really, really lucky to have been able to, you know, secure this financing during the pandemic, during tremendous economic uncertainty. Then they trained the algorithm on the image mapping data set. Thanks for listening, friends, and good investing. Chris: Thank you for having me. What’s next? These waveform studies are used in nearly every specialty of medicine. And we’ve had, I wanna say, maybe 100X or more increase in inbound applicants on a monthly basis. We grew that thing really fast, got it up to 60K in revenues in our first year, while we were sophomores in school, ended up selling that business. To do this in healthcare, I think it’s really rewarding. Meb: Started the company with racking up a lot of frequent flyer miles on credit cards. And in critical care unit, it includes electrocardiograms that are used to diagnose cardiac conditions. Our CTNI had initially started a custom apparel company that had one of the first online marketplaces that was integrated into Facebook. Their in-clinic environment was disrupted by social distancing and by CDC guidelines, in some cases. How many folks y’all got? You know, we transitioned from undergrad to grad. EnsoData founders Sam Rusk, Chris Fernandez and Nick Glattard. And I think there’s been a lot of evolution in the public, you know, just with all the dialogue there and all the news on artificial intelligence, that’s been very influential in sort of the evolution of adoption in a clinician’s mindsets. Spoke Intelligence is home of VB Profiles. I think that’s the art and the science. I’m actually getting ready to hit the road. So I was going to that conference over the years have long moved on to being a quant. Courtesy of EnsoData. And using that capacity to focus on wanting to continuing to expand our partnerships with our core customers and others in the industry, as well as bringing new products to market that are really going to change things. We were like, “Why are we studying biomedical engineering and selling t-shirts?” Probably try to do something that’s closer to that strike zone. What have you learned about sleep in your own life for over the past 10 years? So there’s a big push in what they call phenotyping or endotyping diseases, to take them to the next level of resolution, to be able to understand what individual or combinations of factors are most likely causing those diseases and being able to take a much more targeted and personalized approach to, you know, really trying to address the root cause. They don’t wanna sleep, you know, in a hospital or in a clinic and have people kind of supervising them. Chris Fernandez is the co-founder and CEO of EnsoData, a company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify the process of accurately diagnosing health conditions. So the standard imaging that’s done for breast cancer. Each product has its own unique sort of sample size and fiscal power that go into that design. So listeners, if you wanna do, like, a 10-foot meetup, shoot me a message, and we can grab a beer somewhere. The company is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. The day that we got back, it felt like kind of putting out feelers in the fall of 2015. Chris: Go to market, sales. We were able to bootstrap enough data into our ecosystem to be able to build the product, to be able to validate it clinically, and ultimately, kind of take that to market. Sam Rusk Founder. And on each page, they’re using visual pattern recognition and perceptual reasoning to identify in the circle and to annotate, and to mark, and to tag different kinds of physiologic patterns. Chris: You know, I think from an FDA standpoint, it’s different for each different kind of product. And we’ve been ramping up our webinars as well. We walk through the origin story of EnsoData from the founder’s initial idea, followed by 12 pivots to arrive at their flagship product into sleep. They understood our specific business needs and placed exactly the sales leader we needed to accelerate our growth. Meb: What’s been the most memorable moment of this entrepreneur journey of the past? View Chris Fernandez’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. In both 2019 and 2018, EnsoData quadrupled the size of its customer base, according to Fernandez. They have broad expertise in the healthcare industry in these different segments. You’re there to learn, and it really created an environment where a lot of people kind of lent their expertise and helped us to figure out what we needed to do. Who’s gonna do sales?” And they both just point at me like, “You.” So I was unanimously elected to do sales. We said, “All right, we got to YC,” set sail from there. It’s really a thing for all of us. Like, I guess we’re gonna do wireless pulse oximetry. But unfortunately, you can’t get very far if you have on the order of a few hundred data examples to be able to train that system. There are actually a lot of different factors or reasons why a patient could have sleep apnea. Really at that first stage was validating the market and validating the demand through selling the vision. In the ’90s, during the 2000s, we saw the proliferation of smartphone technology and cloud computing that produced a massive deluge of data that had to be dealt with. About. That point we still had three people. Madison, WI. It wasn’t a super exciting exit, but it was a cool experience. But I’m cheering for you guys. It’s been a whirlwind past few months for EnsoData.. After completing gener8tor’s gBeta accelerator program this summer, the Madison-based tech startup that scores sleep announced recently that it completed Y Combinator’s inaugural Fellowship program. We kind of clash and meet somewhere in the middle. And that really kind of helped us to accelerate that fundraise process. Tyne & Wear. Chris Fernandez Senior Project Manager - Azure Cloud Infrastructure / 0365. We have some very talented guitarist, pianist, drummers. Looking forward, follow along with your jersey. Meb: What was a really super popular, just trying to remember it, sleep book that came out in the last year or two? Chris: I’m in Madison, Wisconsin right now, as is most of our team. Arianna Huffington ended up writing a sleep book. And so, part of the transferability as a resource allocation, how many people can we fork off our core businesses are working on this other stuff? It includes two kinds of airflow to be able to measure breathing and breathing frequency. Ensodata’s AI and machine learning powered signal analysis platform enables clinicians to automate complex and time consuming data interpretation tasks. We get into the long-term vision for the company, and even the potential for transferability of their algorithms and AI into other areas outside of sleep. Don’t you know better than we?” That was a lesson. They like the comfort of their own home. I studied less, I slept more. Where do they go? How far are we away from…? And, you know, when you’re talking about sleep apnea, ultimately, you’re talking about hundreds of thousands of events per patient that need to be manually done. He has acted as a leading contributor to the open source machine learning platform NEXT. ABOUT THE AUTHOR. We were really lucky. Due to industry regulations, he will not discuss any of Cambria’s funds on this podcast. What’s the kind of next progression? For news media EnsoData CEO and co-founder Chris Fernandez is one of EnsoData’s three code wizards. I’ve always wanted to do one of the chili pads or now they have, I think it’s like $2,000 eat sleep sort of setups because I like it super cold. To listen to Episode #239 on iTunes, click here, To listen to Episode #239 on Stitcher, click here, To listen to Episode #239 on Pocket Casts, click here, To listen to Episode #239 on Google Play, click here, Comments or suggestions? Chris Fernandez; We had validated the market demand. I mean, this seems like a pretty involved test. So our CTO and I decided to go into the Master’s degree programs, the graduate program for Biomedical Engineering. We love to read the reviews. I don’t know how many laps I’ve made through it yet, but more than 10. And some treatments may just not kind of totally circumvent the underlying reason, the underlying causes. Today's guest is Chris Fernandez, CEO and co-founder at EnsoData.Founded in 2015, EnsoData provides software-­as-­a-­service (SaaS) that enables the discovery, identification, and actionable reporting of critical to understand patterns and trends in health data. We wanna…” IoT was a big thing back then. How’s it work? “After working with the LabRetriever team to onboard several shared customers, it was a no-brainer to establish an easy way for all sleep clinics to benefit,” EnsoData CEO Chris Fernandez said in a statement. Chris Fernandez Senior Project Manager - Azure Cloud Infrastructure / 0365. Often that would turn into 4:00 am, sometimes it would turn into an all-nighter. You know, we had several technological revolutions leading up to it and enabling it. And I think that that’s a signal that there’s a real desire among patients for an interest in, you know, new possibilities and new categories of therapy that may be more comfortable, more tolerable, more enjoyable to do over the long-term. And then in the 2000s, we started seeing adoption. How far are we away from a much more sort of simple test or even a wearable in able to detect and diagnose something like sleep apnea? SleepScore Ventures was also in the round, one of the first sleep-focused venture capital funds that has a lot of amazing strategic relationships, and others, you know, including Dreamit Ventures, a VC fund associated with one of the accelerators that we did, which is awesome. Chris Fernandez. Chris Fernandez. I would say I learned a lot of lessons. What novel sensors can we add to it? In today’s episode, we’re talking all things sleep. It includes brainwaves to measure sleep quality and how disruptive fragmented sleep can be. We made two offers last week. Today's guest is Chris Fernandez, CEO and co-founder at EnsoData.Founded in 2015, EnsoData provides software-­as-­a-­service (SaaS) that enables the discovery, identification, and actionable reporting of critical to understand patterns and trends in health data. It could be anatomical. EnsoData CEO and co-founder Chris Fernandez is one of EnsoData’s three code wizards. Chris Fernandez 20+ Year Internet Marketing, Health And Fitness Expert; Owner and CEO Of Women's Health Interactive. Ramp revenue, launch new products, and continue building out our amazing team. And that was like the needle that seemed impossible. We’ve done some initial validation of our software in several areas outside. Chris Fernandez. It’s not. You’ve identified it works, you get the FDA approval, and then kind of what’s the next sort of step in y’all’s evolution? And from our perspective, we as a field should put the right practices in place so that this pandemic or the inevitable next pandemic, whenever that does happen, is not something that causes patients to lose access to healthcare because it simply doesn’t need to . Biomedical engineering is incredibly broad. Episode #272: Best Idea Show – Tobias Carlisle, Acquirers Fund, “There Are Basically Three Big Periods Of Value Underperformance And They Seem To Congregate... 1:32 – Welcome to our guest, Chris Fernandez, 20:30 – How the clinicians responded to their data, 25:17 – An overview of the sleep clinic space and its evolution, 44:36 – Other places where AI can help in healthcare, 46:14 – Most memorable moment of the startup journey. Chris: So, now, we’re in 2014. You eventually settle on this area of sleep. Chris: There’s a few different directions. He had, you know, five years experience working with the largest enterprise health systems and academic medical centres in the world, implementing software and other IoT solutions at a very large scale. I got heavily schooled in at the end of it because my VME masters ended up being mine computer science classes, right? So there you go, listeners, feel free to take that one. Chris: I think it’s a lot closer than most people probably think it is. And if we have opportunities to do it better, it can create a really perceivable improvement in your quality of life. Chris Fernandez was a Congressional intern during the summer of 2010 in the Washington, D.C. office for former U.S. Guest: Chris Fernandez is co-founder and CEO of EnsoData, a startup with technology using artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze wave-form data to save clinicians time on labor-intensive, complex data interpretation and help them across the care continuum. All right. But I think that there’s a lot of interesting stuff happening in the music space right now. And since then, they’ve actually created a Master’s degree specifically in machine learning for signal processing. He is currently available to hire for short form projects on a freelance basis. Chris has an MS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and brings more than three years of advanced algorithms and big data research experience to EnsoData. Courtesy of EnsoData. We got real close to securing some venture capital, you know, back in 2012. You know, Matthew Walker at Berkeley wrote a book “Why We Sleep,” that was really popular. But we got really lucky. And I think it’s been really exciting to kind of follow, you know, some of those developments, as well. Chris: We ultimately got our FDA 510K clearance to aid clinicians in diagnosing sleep apnea and other sleep disorders by automating the analysis of the physiologic waveform data that came from sleep studies. So we had somebody that was phenomenally experienced in medicine, venture capital, startups, and kind of running a business. My sleep is largely determined by… I’m the world’s easiest sleeper. But AI is really going to impact every step of the patient care journey, starting from being able to better identify and screen for undiagnosed patients in much easier and more convenient ways using things like wearables and electronic medical records, being able to prioritize patients based on who’s really the sickest here and who’s gonna have the most negative impacts, you know, if the diagnosis and treatment isn’t prioritized at that sort of level. It is hard sleeping on couches. You know, we’re already optimizing the time and the cost that’s involved with diagnosing patients, and then on the back end, really being able to try to bring personalized and precision medicine into a reality. in Biomedical Engineering from UW-Madison and brings more than five years of artificial intelligence and big data research experience to EnsoData. Meb: You got any favorites I can download Spotify later today? But there are machine learning and AI methods that we are and have been developing that directly solve that problem of transferability. Nearly every adult in the world are connected to the internet. Total raised $2M. And I think that he saw that we had a level of determination that represented, “We’re gonna do this, whether or not he helped us and we’re gonna bang our heads a lot in the process.” And so I think that he convinced himself that he needed to save us some pain and became one of our earliest kind of mentors and advisors. Chris: That was the Dick’s Sporting Goods arena that time. Within all the different places we could focus, we had this inkling, this is 2014, that AI was going to absolutely transform the way the world worked. My background today, even though I’m in my guest bedroom is the Manhattan Beach Pier. What we initially built was a device that would wirelessly measure pulse oximeter data, so blood oxygen content and heart rate, would measure it from your earlobe, and it used advanced multimodal wireless systems to push that data up to the cloud through a combination of cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks, and utilize powerful machine learning in the cloud, try to help keep congestive heart failure patients and other complex cardiac patients out of the hospital. Meb: Where in the world are you right now? Meb: As most of the sleep clinics you go to, right, it’s in-person where you go and get tested. And then the three of us took on the FDA submission. So maybe you can push me in that direction. There are surgical procedures as well. Like, what would I be able to do? So, you know, I think that it is a good time to be hiring. And we went to it. It includes an electrocardiogram for heart rhythms. You got anything you’re listening to? Tyne & Wear. This is our mission. At that point, my co-founder and I are running the company on our credit cards. Funding View all funding. Those got connected to the internet. The first part is, you know when you know. But I wanna hear the origin story, founder of, let’s hear the beginnings, Chris: So we wanna take it way back. And so, decided to focus on AI, took all the AI classes they had. And there’s opportunity to make a huge impact in those medical specialities. But to do really fancy machine learning and deep learning, you’re really talking about terabytes, and petabytes, exabytes scale data. To access all the content for free, please sign up by entering your email. And all my top 10 got taken. I think that we’ve seen what, you know, somewhere between years, probably years of the trend in the shift towards Thompson testing, which we felt was inevitable, get compressed into a span of days and weeks during COVID. Madison, WI. I think we’ve really been able to leverage that in a variety of different ways from solving that data, chicken or egg problem to recruiting, you know, some of the best people in the world. We don’t have anything we can give you. View Chris Fernandez’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Fernandez used his expertise to design and then clinically validate EnsoData’s pioneering technology, Waveform AI. We need data. We utilized… I think one thing that we do is unique is having a very sort of scientific, rigorous medical approach, but also trying to take best practices from tech and from, like, the YC type world, and apply them in a really interesting way at that interface. And within AI, there were incredible breakthroughs over the last several years in image recognition and computer vision, and natural language processing, and speech translation, and in a variety of other applications of AI. We walk through the origin story of EnsoData, from the founders’ initial idea followed by 12 pivots to arrive at their flagship product, EnsoSleep. You know, in the first half of college, let’s call it, I was frequently staying up until 2:00 am to try to study for tests, stay on top of deadlines and projects. What’s your hacks? They’re ready to do the first deal of the year. Meb: This is how this product that seems obvious in a lot of what you’re doing with the sort of just blocking and tackling of scaling, and partnering, and growing revenue, that’s all going on. And what’s so unique about sleep is that well, one, we all sleep. But why would you do that? That’s what we needed to do. So, it’s dozens of sensors, dozens of different types of complex events. Anything you can talk about? In today’s episode, we’re talking all things sleep. Chris Fernandez has a M.S. Like, I think the biggest lesson I learned is kind of go for advice towards action. My current favorite is Breaker. “Sleep apnea is a condition that plagues nearly one billion people worldwide, and we’re uniquely positioned to address this massive problem,” said Chris Fernandez, CEO of EnsoData. In today’s episode, we’re talking all things sleep. and B.S. Well, as we start to wind down, I got a couple of fun questions, but anything in particular you think is on your brain, you’re excited about. In today’s episode, we’re talking all things sleep. Fernandez used his expertise to design and then clinically validate EnsoData’s pioneering technology, Waveform AI. It’s more comfortable. We have a proliferation. And so there’s a huge list of projects. And that includes things like five different kinds of sleep stages, apneas, hypopneas, blood oxygen, saturations, neurological arousals, bradycardia, tachycardia. But sort of along the way, it may be helpful to walk through the pivots to contextualize what we do. We walk through the origin story of EnsoData, from the founders’ initial idea followed by 12 pivots to arrive at their flagship product, EnsoSleep. We can do all this.” And so there’s a lot of cool content we’re putting out through our website. And the initial response, they were really excited, the digital blood pressure companies, the companies that made home sleep apnea testing devices, they said, “Awesome. So say you have your engine that you guys have built, how simple…? Please review us on iTunes and subscribe to the show. Is it something that build-out would take a month or would it take like two years?” Like, how complicated is the intransferrable as the work you’ve done into a totally different area? Chris Fernandez has a M.S. You know, we were initially arguing to raise about 5 million. Chris has 1 job listed on their profile. Meb: It’s all right we’ll have you back next year or whenever and you can chat about all these things. Tyne & Wear. And I don’t think we’re bad at telling you, they put together our first round of seed financing. Founder EnsoData • Worked at @ Innovative Signal Analysis, @ Hitachi Global Storage Technologies • Studied at @ University Of Wisconsin Madison. Chris Fernandez is the Co-Founder and CEO of EnsoData, the company using AI to more accurately diagnose health conditions. What are we gonna do with it?” And we said, “I don’t know. “This joint collaboration will enable our technology-driven companies to accelerate innovation in the field of sleep medicine, leading to new developments to transform the delivery of care and enable clinicians to spend more time personalizing patient care and less time on data in a way that improves access, outcomes, satisfaction and costs,” said Chris Fernandez, EnsoData’s CEO. You know, it’s fascinating to me that you mentioned that there’s a straight-up sleep focused fund, which is pretty incredible. And my academic advisor told me at that time, “You’re doing too many things, you need to pick.” And a couple of days later, I had gotten to Y Combinators, first fellowship program, where they picked 35 companies out of more than 7,000 applicants to move out to the Bay Area and do that whole thing. Let’s just try to get this thing out there for free because seeing is believing. The first thing that we did was hired our CTO back who couldn’t take the initial leg of the journey with us, but we were jonesing to bring him back the whole time. It seems so antiquated. And that was the application of AI to waveform. We made one offer this week. I really appreciate the opportunity, huge fan of the show and excited to continue listening and following along. Chris Fernandez; And in a speciality, there are so many undiagnosed patients out there that need help and can really improve their quality of life and their health by getting access to these services. “We know that not everyone has access to quality and affordable treatment, and have the conviction that our technology can help bridge that gap. One of my favorite research papers on artificial intelligence and healthcare was done by researchers at the University of Chicago. Chris Fernandez 20+ Year Internet Marketing, Health And Fitness Expert; Owner and CEO Of Women's Health Interactive. EnsoData, software that can detect potential sleep disorders, has finalized a $1.5 million investment round. So they’re not harassing you, elbowing you in the head, snoring and then by morning time, it comes back together. Who are you listening to in 2020? As Paul Graham says, “If you don’t die, you’ll eventually win.” Stay in the game. Those companies need to win against each other. We get into the long-term vision for the company, and even the potential for transferability of their algorithms in AI into other areas outside of sleep. You know, sleep studies can range from anywhere between a half gigabyte to five gigabytes each. So we’re like, “I guess we want this. I initially, you know, met my co-founders at the University of Wisconsin, Madison back in 2010. We put together a team of very experienced advisors and consultants to help kind of guide us and point us in the right direction. So relative to the other interviews, the other interviews are interesting, but the sleep interviews we had literally what the medical director said to us, the first institution we partnered with is, “Oh my God. EnsoData leads the world in reading and understanding these waveforms, starting with sleep. Are there any sort of expansion ideas that you can talk about, that you guys are thinking about or things that you’re brainstorming, you got your eyes on the horizon about or are these all under lock and key? We have continued to do that. Forbes - Chris Fernandez is the Co-Founder and CEO of EnsoData, the company using AI to more accurately diagnose health conditions. I highly encourage folks to check us out there and to dig into our research more funds. Meb: I imagine people are listening to this, they’re talking about a lot of the wearables like aura rings with the NBA, going potentially back to playing games this summer, about being able to try to keep an eye on COVID. But initially, the go-to-market, the three of us sat down and were like, “All right, now we can sell it. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Chris’ connections and jobs at similar companies. Our flagship product, EnsoSleep, empowers clinicians with AI scoring and analysis.With the help of AI, clinicians are spending more time on the most satisfying and rewarding part of … And I’m sure that’s the wrong word. Pictured above are, from left to right: Nick Glattard, co-founder and chief technical officer; Sam Rusk, co-founder and president; Brock Hensen, chief operating officer; and Chris Fernandez, co-founder and CEO, along with Murph, the office dog. And, you know, in healthcare, there are a lot of complexities around utilizing data for research and other things. Summary: In episode 239 we welcome our guest, Chris Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of EnsoData. Meb: Podcast listeners, we’ll post show notes to today’s conversation at We picked it and then the professor said, “Ha, the hardest project, like, all right, here we go.”. Is that on the horizon or is it like 20 years? And so, the clinics that were already well-equipped and at scale in-home testing, many of them [inaudible 00:27:08]. And it’s gonna be a lot of fun today.

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